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Roller coaster stranded 16: Stuck 60-feet off ground during thunderstorm

A roller coaster stranded 16 people after the ride stalled while trying to make it up a hill, breaking the proverbial law of what goes up, most come down. The roller coaster wasn't coming down, leaving all those folks sitting at a recline for what must of seemed like an eternity at the Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Roller coaster stranded 16 people on the ride in the middle of  a thunderstorm. Now that's a rush for a thrill seeker.
Screen shot/ Bay News 9

According to the Quincy Herald-Whig on Feb 12, park workers made it up to the stranded roller coaster car and tried to nudge it backwards down to the platform where the ride started from, butt it wasn't budging. This is when the fire department was called for assistance in rescuing the passengers.

The folks on the roller coaster are most likely risk takers because the Cheetah Hunt roller coaster is a monster. They actually were subjected to double the Adrenalin rush when they had to climb into the firefighters bucket to be rescued. Firefighters fitted each passenger with a harness in case they slipped the line would catch them.

These folks were stranded 60 feet above the ground in the middle of a thunderstorm for more than an hour, according to "Fox and Friends" live on Thursday morning. They got soak and wet as the rain pelted the stranded thrill seekers. Luckily there were no injuries during the roller coaster ride they probably will never forget.

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