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Roller coaster stranded: 16 people rescued at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Several people on vacation at Busch Gardens were shocked when their roller coaster got stranded. On Feb. 13, Web Pro News shared about how 16 people had to be rescued from the roller coaster and brought down to the ground. These people got stuck before they even made it up the first hill.

The park personal was able to try to nudge the coaster back to the start, but it wouldn't move for them. It actually wasn't moving at all so they had to call out Tampa Fire Rescue to help them out a bit. This was the safest way to get the passengers back off the coaster. Lucky for them they weren't upside down or anything crazy while they were stuck.

This happened on the roller coaster Cheetah Hunt. Nobody was injured and they were all taken down to the ground safely. At this time, the park is still trying to figure out what happened to get the ride fixed. Hopefully they can figure it out so this won't happen again.

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