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Roller coaster accident at Six Flags leaves four injured after car dangles

A roller coaster accident Monday night at the Six Flags amusement park outside Los Angeles, Calif. left a number of passengers stranded for several hours. A tree branch fell on the tracks, and the front part of the coaster was left in a very precarious position. CNN shared the details on Tuesday.

Four were injured in the Six Flags Ninja roller coaster accident
Screencap via KTLA video

Four people were injured in the roller coaster accident on the Ninja Six Flags ride. Two of those four injured were taken to the hospital. Reports indicate that 22 people were stuck for about three hours after the tree branch obstructed the roller coaster track and forced a derailment. The cars were dangling about 20 feet in the air, and rescue workers climbed to the top of the track and used rope to secure the cars to the track above them.

ABC News reports that all of the roller coaster accident injuries were minor ones. In total seven cars were derailed and dangling during what was a challenging rescue effort for firefighters. The Ninja Six Flags ride will remain closed until repairs can be made and a thorough inspection done. Witnesses indicate that some of the trapped passengers were understandably panicking during the incident, and it took some time for rescuers to navigate the trees and bring the passengers down one by one.

Six Flags describes the Ninja as the “black belt of roller coasters,” but this is definitely not what passengers anticipated when they boarded the thriller coaster ride on Monday night. While it is not unusual to hear of a thrill ride going awry at an amusement park these days, this Six Flags roller coaster accident surely was scarier than most given the dangling car situation. Luckily everybody was ultimately fine, it seems, and surely the park will take measures to ensure this kind of thing won't happen again.

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