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Rolf Buchholz sports 463 piercings on face and genitals is denied entry to Dubai

Rolf Buchholz, who holds the record for having the most piercings in the world, was denied entry into Dubai, where he had been scheduled to appear as part of a circus-like show for adults. With 453 piercings, mostly on his face and in his genitals, chances are he made the metal detectors churn out a loud hum as he passed through airport security, which is where he was told he wasn’t allowed into the country, according to MSN News on Aug. 17.

World's most pierced man sent packing at airport, denied entry to Dubai after he was dubbed a security risk.

Buchholz, who is dubbed "the world's most pierced man," was denied entry and told he was a security risk, but that is where they stopped. They didn't offer a reason for the rejection. They didn’t elaborate on how they considered him a risk to security. Newsday reports that Buchholz is not only full of piercings, but he is also heavily tattooed.

His face is covered with black ball-like studs, with the majority of them outlining his mouth, which gives him the look of having gigantic black lips. The piercings also follow the lines of his eyebrows and then there is a second row that parallels the first, framing the eyebrows and making them also look gigantic. The Huffington Post reports that Buchholz also has horn implants. You have to admit this look is so out of the norm. The horns just add to this overall bizarre and somewhat sinister look.

Rolf Buchholz was booked to appear at Cirque Le Soir, a popular night club of the rich and famous Dubai set. He was going to be in a venue that offers acts that you would see in a circus. The nightclub is housed at the Fairmont Hotel and has been a nighttime destination in Dubai since opening in 2011.

A sister act at a nightclub in London does well and the people who run the nightclub in Dubai are hoping to imitate that success. The people who run the Dubai nightclub have tried everything within their power to get Rolf Buchholz into the country, but the police and immigration officials at the airport took a stand against his entry.

This was the first time the 55-year-old man traveled to Dubai. The circus-themed act, which is seen in London at a nightclub is considered a venue that offers “over the top attractions.” They have people that do odd things like a sword swallower and burlesque dancers, reports Newsday.

Buchholz said that customs originally stamped his passport and allowed him to pass through. Then he was pulled out of line and he found himself with other deportees in a room at the airport. This is when they told him he couldn’t come into Dubai.

One of the airport workers told Buchholz that they were concerned he may be someone who practices black magic. This was not the official statement, just what Buchholz was told by a lone airport worker who was part of team that turned him away from Dubai.

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