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Role-play slideshow: The ‘ordinary world’ of Little Jackie

Role-play slideshow: The ‘ordinary world’ of Little Jackie
Role-play slideshow: The ‘ordinary world’ of Little Jackie
Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons

Get your free PDF download of the scripted role-play called “The ‘Ordinary World’ of Little Jack.” Just scroll down near the end of this article for the free download link.

Role-play clip - The 'ordinary world' of Little Jackie
Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons

This is one of several Hero’s Journey role-plays appropriate for middle school students that teaches anti-bullying and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey process.

Role-play description

What is the role-play about? You can watch the slideshow to find out. You can also read the description below.

Hero’s Journey role-play description: We are now going to hear a story about sixth-grader Jackie. Watch how her feelings about herself either motivate her to do the victim thing or to decide to act like an extraordinary hero. This story is called “The ‘ordinary world’ of Little Jackie.”

Please note: Back in 2001 and 2002, the author wrote four Hero’s Journey series built around a sixth-grade girl, an eighth-grade girl, a sixth-grade boy, and an eighth-grade boy. To avoid confusion, the sixth grade protagonists will be known as Little Jackie and Little Jack, respectively. The eighth-grade protagonists will be known as Big Jackie and Big Jack, respectively. This particular series is built around the sixth-grade girl named Little Jackie. The hero’s journey series is based on Joseph Campbell’s story model.

Role-play directions

Note to the teacher: In addition to the role-play, you can also read it in story form. You might want to read the story to the class first and then have the class act out the role-play. Here’s the link:

Teacher Says or Asks: We will now act out the role-play based on the last story you just heard called “The ‘Ordinary World’ of Little Jackie.”

The role-play features one guy actor: Discussion Question-Asker.

The role-play also features two girl actors: Little Jackie and the Ancient One.

Little Jackie and the Ancient One have the medium-size to big parts. The Discussion Question-Asker has a small part.

The rest of the class will take turns reading the parts of Narrator 1 and Narrator 2.

Who is interested in playing these roles? (Either pull names or accept eager student volunteers.)

Other lesson plan links that go with the story

Here are the other lesson plan links that go with this story:

  1. Bonus: Role-play slideshow: The ‘Ordinary World’ of Little Jackie (See above article and slideshow role-play.)
  2. Bonus: Printable anti-bullying worksheet: Write about ‘The ‘Ordinary World’ of Little Jackie'

Free scripted role-play PDF download link

To get the free scripted role-play PDF download link, click the link below. You can download the role-play to your computer, print it off, and duplicate it for the students in your class.

A paper-saving suggestion

To save paper, you might only want to duplicate ten copies of the role-play and then have your students share the script between them. If you have an overhead projector or some way to project the role-play from the slideshow onto the wall or screen, you could save paper altogether.


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The Hero’s Journey of Little Jack

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The Hero’s Journey of Little Jackie

  1. Role-play slideshow: The ‘ordinary world’ of Little Jackie
  2. Role-play slideshow: Little Jackie receives her 'call to adventure'
  3. Role-play slideshow: Little Jackie crosses the 'first threshold' (coming soon)
  4. Role-play slideshow: Little Jackie approaches the 'inmost cave' (coming soon)
  5. Role-play slideshow: Little Jackie's 'supreme ordeal' (coming soon)
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