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Role-play slideshow: Omega Wolf Bert gives anti-bullying lesson #1: Posture pt 1

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Get your free PDF download of the scripted role-play called “Omega Wolf Bert gives anti-bullying lesson #1: Posture part 1.” Just scroll down near the end of this article for the free download link.

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This is one of several anti-bullying role-plays appropriate for elementary and middle school students (grades 2 to 7) that teach anti-bullying techniques.

Role-play description

What is the role-play about? You can watch the slideshow to find out. You can also read the description below.

Anti-bullying role-play description: Trent was the equivalent of the Omega Wolf of his fifth-grade classroom. In other words, he was the kid who the bullies targeted the most. He will be entering middle school as a sixth grader in the fall. To make certain that he is not targeted even worse, he takes Connie Blake’s advice by visiting Omega Wolf Bert at the local zoo.

Omega Wolf Bert was sent to live at the zoo by Ranger Bob and Connie. He has been extremely popular with all the people coming to visit the zoo since he is one of those rare wolves who can actually talk like a human. However, Bert is worried. He has heard a rumor that another wolf may be coming to live in his pen. There is no way that he wants to return to that role of being the target of the Alpha and Beta Wolves.

Read about how Omega Wolf Bert and Trent will practice the necessary techniques so that they both will no longer be the victim of bullying.

Role-play directions

Note to the teacher: In addition to the role-play, you can also read it in story form. You might want to read the story to the class first and then have the class act out the role-play. Here’s the link:

Teacher Says or Asks: We will now act out the role-play based on the last story you just heard called “Omega Wolf Bert gives anti-bullying lesson #1: Posture part 1.”

The role-play features two guy actors: Trent and Omega Wolf Bert.

Both characters have very big parts.

The rest of the class will take turns reading the parts of Narrator 1 and Narrator 2.

Who is interested in playing these roles? (Either pull names or accept eager student volunteers.)

Other lesson plan links that go with the story

Here are the other lesson plan links that go with this story:

  1. Section 1: Lesson Objectives
  2. Section 2: K-W-L MODEL discussion (‘K’ and ‘W’ questions)
  3. Section 3: Vocabulary
  4. Section 4: Story #1 and Story #2
  5. Section 5: Popcorn Review
  6. Section 6: Role-Play #1 and Role-Play #2
  7. Section 7: Bloom’s Taxonomy discussion questions
  8. Section 8: Writing assignment
  9. Section 9: K-W-L MODEL discussion (‘L’ questions)

Free scripted role-play PDF download link

To get the free scripted role-play PDF download link, click the link below. You can download the role-play to your computer, print it off, and duplicate it for the students in your class.

A paper-saving suggestion

To save paper, you might only want to duplicate ten copies of the role-play and then have your students share the script between them. If you have an overhead projector or some way to project the role-play from the slideshow onto the wall or screen, you could save paper altogether.


Other be bully free role-play slideshow links

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  2. Role-play slideshow: Omega Wolf Bert gives anti-bullying lesson #1: Posture Part 1
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(Other role-play slideshows coming soon.)


For your viewing pleasure, here is a bonus video called “Proper Posture for Daily Tasks.”


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