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Role-play slideshow: Goofy Jane

Get your free PDF download of the scripted role-play called “Goofy Jane.” Just scroll down near the end of this article for the free download link.

Watch the slideshow to read role-play – Goofy Jane. You can download the PDF scripted role-play for free.
Watch the slideshow to read role-play – Goofy Jane. You can download the PDF scripted role-play for free.Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons
Role-play clip - Goofy Jane
Role-play clip - Goofy JaneDebbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons

This is one of several Communication Skills role-plays appropriate for middle school students that teaches anti-bullying techniques and strategies to utilize good communication skills techniques.

Role-play description

What is the role-play about? You can watch the slideshow to find out. You can also read the description below.

Communication Skills role-play description: Here is a story scenario you can use to help teach about the need for using good communication skills when interacting with other people. This comic story called “Goofy Jane” demonstrates the pitfalls that can happen when you do not follow the simple rules of being a good communicator.

Eighteen-year-old Jane is training to be a singer, dancer, and actress so she can become a Hollywood movie star. She nearly blows her chance to fulfill her dream as she breaks every communication skill rule with a Hollywood agent by the name of Mr. Headworthy. Read the role-play called “Goofy Jane” to find out what happens.

Role-play directions

Teacher Says or Asks: We will now act out the role-play based on the last story you just heard called “Goofy Jane.”

The role-play features one guy actor: Mr. Headworthy.

The role-play also features two girl actors: Goofy Jane and Jane’s mother.

All three actors have big parts.

The rest of the class will take turns reading the parts of Narrator 1 and Narrator 2.

Who is interested in playing these roles? (Either pull names or accept eager student volunteers.)

Other lesson plan links that go with the story

Here are the other lesson plan links that go with this story:

  1. Printable skit #1 student directions: Eye Contact
  2. Printable skit #2 student directions: Good observations
  3. Printable skit #3 student directions: Body language
  4. Printable skit #4 student directions: Good listener
  5. Printable skit #5 student directions: Turn-taking
  6. Printable skit #6 student directions: The way you speak
  7. Printable skit #7 student directions: Stay on the subject
  8. Printable skit #8 student directions: Normal volume
  9. Printable skit #9 student directions: Normal pitch
  10. Printable skit #10 student directions: Clear speech
  11. Printable skit #11 student directions: Rate of speech
  12. Printable skit #12 student directions: Adequate distance
  13. Printable skit #13 student directions: Don't fidget

Free scripted role-play PDF download link

To get the free scripted role-play PDF download link, click the link below. You can download the role-play to your computer, print it off, and duplicate it for the students in your class.

A paper-saving suggestion

To save paper, you might only want to duplicate ten copies of the role-play and then have your students share the script between them. If you have an overhead projector or some way to project the role-play from the slideshow onto the wall or screen, you could save paper altogether.


For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the video called “How to Improve Your Communication Skills.”


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