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Roger Stone pimping Spitzer's madam for Governor


     Republican trickster Roger Stone & the Manhattan Madam

In what would have been an otherwise germane meeting of liberty enthusiasts at the Manhattan Libertarian Party Convention on Saturday, a curious entourage invaded the subterranean confines of the Ukrainian Village Restaurant on

Second Avenue

. Kristin Davis, the madam who ran the call girl service that Eliot Spitzer was so fond of, was escorted to the event by the notorious Republican political trickster, Roger Stone. Ms. Davis is seeking the gubernatorial nomination from the Libertarians.

   It must have been tough for Ms. Davis to suffer the indignity of serving four months at
RikerIsland when the man who caused her pain was simply licking his wounds from his humiliating public exit, contemplating his return to the spotlight. Of course where Roger Stone comes in is the mystery. Stone, you will remember, was not only the guy who lead and organized the Dade county riots during the Bush/Gore fiasco in 2000, he was also instrumental in the downfall of Eliot Spitzer. Stone was slumming around sleazy
nightclubs when he got wind of the guy who kept his socks on during the consummation of his transactions.


    My guess is that Stone calculates that even the consideration of Ms. Davis as a ‘celebrity candidate’ will diminish whatever threat the New York Libertarian Party might be this year to the Republicans. While the nomination is improbable, the previous presumed nominee in 2006, William Weld, took a lot of heat from Republican leaders about the Libertarian Party’s stance on prostitution and the legalization thereof. While most libertarian candidates are otherwise well adjusted and often committed family folks, the perception that they favor the exploitation of women by advocating the freedom to do with your body as you please, is a pernicious conundrum indeed.

Bring in some trash and let the conservative housekeepers keep the party line busy with indignant chatter.

   So Stone trots in the one time fancy of A-Rod and has her tout her credentials as a high school valedictorian, hedge fund manager, successful entrepreneur and future recipient of an unnamed Master’s degree. All great stuff for the political rubes who brought you the nominations of Howard Stern and William Weld. Both of whom left the doe eyed libertarians at the electoral alter. Only to be replaced be relative unknown party stalwarts who carried the water to the finish line without the prize of 50,000 votes which presumes to bring legitimacy to the endeavor by so many believers.


   Of course it is possible that the Republicans fully know that another candidate is seeking the LPNY nomination will also seek to primary their anointed candidate in a GOP primary. The hope being that the foot soldiers of liberty and freedom in the Tea Party and Ron Paul movements can make a dent in an otherwise closed and undemocratic process.   


  • VJ Machiavelli 5 years ago

    Roger Stone knows that in order to get those 50,000 votes you need an "Gimmick" so he has one, he also plans to run Randy Credico for US Senate.

    One most always look closely into Roger Stone to see his true genus

    Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    No More Schumer
    No More Pelosi
    No More Rangel
    No More Engel and his Million Dollar Home in Maryland
    No More Arthur Finkelstein & Co, and
    No StinkingTerrorists in NYC, send them to Washington DC
    Memo to NYGOP Draft Sarah Palin for Senator

  • Rachel Hawkridge - Seattle Libertarian Examiner 5 years ago


    But look - Roger Stone and Kristin Davis bear a remarkable physical resemblance to one another. Are they related?

  • Yoda 5 years ago

    There is no evidence other that Ms. Davis's hookers ever serviced Spitzer. Ashley Dupree did not work for her. Just because Davis & Stone assert that Spitzer was a customer doesn't mean it's true.

  • Norma Jean Almodovar 5 years ago

    Are you proposing that (a) prostitutes and madams are trash? or (b) that they can't grasp the concept of liberty? And perhaps you are unaware that the majority of sex workers are NOT exploited in any way- and what a shame that you, a fellow libertarian, would accept the terminology of the socialists who view all workers as victims of capitalist exploitation. This view is brought to you by those same folks who claim that capitalism is responsible for global warming and want to rid the world of the most coherent and humane economic system ever. What would it take for someone like Kristin to gain your approval for running for office? What do you consider 'well adjusted' and a committed family folks? What a shame that you don't seem to really grasp the point of libertarianism and real freedom!
    If the idea of decriminalizing consenting adult prostitution embarrasses you, go back to the republican party where you belong!

  • Eric 5 years ago

    Funny Norma . . . oh I get it. It's the dilemma that it puts one in when doing politics. I have no problem with people who want to conduct voluntary transactions. I do have a problem with Roger Stone.

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