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Roger Bryan Interviews John Lee of Wealth Dragons

Each week I’ll be interviewing industry leaders in areas like marketing, events, small business entrepreneurship, and many other areas of the business world. This week I was able to get a few minutes with John Lee of the internationally known wealth education and event company Wealth Dragons.

Founded by John Lee and Vincent Wong, Wealth Dragons has revolutionized the property investing industry all over the world as well as brought a unique and effective type of wealth education to anyone who wants to learn. Both John and Vincent travel all over the world holding seminars and classes geared towards teaching people their secrets to making money in property investing, something both of them have been very successful at.

I took a few minutes to ask John Lee about some of the key elements of Wealth Dragons and see what advice he might have for an individual getting into the property business today. He had some great insight into real estate and property investing. Here’s what he had to say:

Roger Bryan: What is Wealth Dragons and what can somebody attending your seminars, enrolling in your programs, or purchasing your DVDs expect to learn from them?

John Lee: The Wall street journal calls Wealth Dragons one of the fastest growing companies in the world for Self-development and financial education.

They will learn how to create passive income and wealth building using four fields:
• Property investing
• Business building
• Trading the Forex market
• Building 7 figure brands

Roger Bryan: What is the first piece of advice you would give to an individual who wants to become successful in property?

John Lee: They must learn from people who have achieved what they want to achieve and model their belief system on those individual's business principals.

Roger Bryan: What are three secrets or tactics for being successful in real estate investing today?

John Lee:
• You have to find bargain houses
• You have to be able to have lot of financing strategies in order to finance your property deals
• You have to be a very good negotiator

Roger Bryan: How long have you been in this type of business?

John Lee: Over 20 years combined of experience with myself and Vincent Wong who is the pioneer of lease options and first author to ever write a book on this subject.

Roger Bryan: Do you think the fact that many of the strategies you teach came from your personal experiences helps your ability to show others what they need to do to be successful in the property industry?

John Lee: Yes, all our teaching comes from experience; the trails and tribulation that it’s taken us to get here earns us the right to teach others and also to partner with others.

Find out more about Wealth Dragons and what they do on their website!

In the coming weeks I’ll be doing more interviews with other entrepreneurs and industry leaders like John Lee. Be sure to check back to see more interviews plus tips, tricks, and how to’s from the marketing and business world.

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