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Rodriguez at the Greek Theatre

Alex Kluft

The star of the Emmy Award Winning documentary film “Searching For Sugarman,” Sixto Diaz Rodriguez played the Greek Theatre last Friday. To this day Rodriguez has released two studio albums, one in 1970 and the second in 1971. Unknown to Rodriguez, he was a major success in South Africa. However, in the U.S. Rodriguez sold few albums being on a small label that closed a few years after his second release. The filmmakers of “Searching For Sugarman” went out to find what happened to Rodriguez, since it was unknown if he was even alive. It wasn’t until 1997 that Rodriguez found out he was still in South Africa, which he became aware of through his daughter who found a fan site about him. In 1998, Rodriguez played 6 shows in South Africa. Since his career was revived, Rodriguez played several shows in Sweden, South Africa in 2001 and 2005, and Australia. Prior to the film, the U.S. was still unaware of Rodriguez. Even though Rodriguez was a major success over Europe, he didn’t want the fame or money, he just wanted to be a normal person. He still lives in Detroit, Michicgan in a house he bought in the 70’s and was a demolition and production line worker. In 2013, Rodriguez played all the major U.S. cities and is on tour again this year.

At 71, Rodriguez sounds the same as he did in the early 70’s and hasn’t aged at all. He took the stage after LP, the opening act dressed in dark glasses and a top hat which gave him a mysterious look which fits how we was portrayed in the documentary. Rodriguez performed a mix of covers and songs played in the documentary including “Sugar Man,” “I wonder,” “Crucify Your Mind,” and "This Is Not a Song, It's an Outburst: Or, the Establishment Blues.” For cover songs some of the songs Rodriguez performed were “Lucille,” “Fever,” “I’m Gonna Live Till I Die,” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.” Whether you saw the documentary once or many times, there were songs that stayed with you like “I Wonder” which had the audience singing along. If you missed Rodriguez this tour, you definitely won’t want to miss him next time.