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'Rodeo Girls' update: Anthony and Jessica reveal if they are still together

Barrel racing
Barrel racing
Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Last night was the big finale of "Rodeo Girls" on A&E. Fans wanted to know if Jessica and Anthony were able to work things out. On Jan. 10, Anthony Lucia went to his Twitter account to confirm if they worked it out or not and they are doing great.

His tweet said, "@jhrodeogirl I love this woman with all my heart.No tv drama,no meg,no "reality." our reality is our relationship n our lives God has given." Jessica Holmberg also shared that the last scene of the show as not a big deal to her. She said, "I already knew about the last scene, it wasn't real, what's real is mine and Anthony's relationship and I love for each other @Superlucia33." This is showing one more time that reality TV isn't always reality. It is great to hear that she was not upset by it and that they are doing just fine together.

Megan Etcheberry also spoke up about it on her page and said, "Sorry to disappoint but Anthony and I are just good friends. #rodeogirls." There is still no news on season two and if viewers will see more of this show.

So are you surprised that Anthony and Jessica have been able to make it work out? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and please like my Facebook for the latest in entertainment news.