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'Rodeo Girls' star Darcy LaPier's ex-hairstylist reveals secrets about the star

Daniel DiCriscio's photos
Daniel DiCriscio's photos
Daniel DiCriscio with permission

The hit show "Rodeo Girls" just aired six episodes on A&E. No information is out yet about if this show has been renewed or canceled. On Jan. 13, Examiner got the chance to talk to reality star Darcy LaPier's ex-hairstylist Daniel DiCriscio has revealed some secrets about her.

Check out what Daniel had to say below:

What was it like working with Darcy from "Rodeo Girls"?

Darcy's beautiful, glamorous, but tomboy! She is very photogenic, the camera loves her! She looks like Raquel Welch, old Hollywood glamour! Working with Darcy was fun, and she was likeable, and felt like we were on the same page. She treated me with respect and also she had a street sense to her. Funny, but when she was doing her Playboy pictorial that I worked on with her, she had me watch and make sure no "in between the legs" photos were taken, so I had to help her in the poses & check the pictures in the camera!

When did you work with her last?

I worked with Darcy on her Playboy cover & layout shoot that I was told when it was to go to press, Darcy and her then boyfriend and soon to be husband Mark Hughes had a change of heart and pulled the plug on the issue just a few months before it was to be on the stands. Also I did a photo layout & story on Darcy that was featured in OK Magazine and Hola Magazine. Last time I saw her was at a star studded AIDS Fundraiser at Universal Studios that I was invited to and had no idea Darcy was going to be there. Merv Griffin introduced himself to me at the event in the VIP area, and we had a great conversation! Other celebs there were; Jim Carrey, Christopher Ciccone, Barry Diller, and Jennifer Holliday. I was having a great time until I was leaving and Darcy and Mark Hughes were walking in as I was walking out. Darcy, looking like a Caesar's Casino Cocktail Waitress in a toga like micro mini and heels with a clip on high ponytail, foregoing the classy look we did from the OK Magazine shoot stopped when she saw me and rudely said to me, " What are you doing here?" with a glare only an enemy would give. This was the last time I saw her before she left Hollywood and went to Oregon and disappeared off the radar.

Daniel had some hard feels against Darcy and here is what he had to say about what happened between the two after he quit working with her.

It's not that I don't like Darcy, you just have to be careful not to get bitten by her. She can be like a snake with charming colors and strike you when she has you under her spell. In Hollywood, it seems underhandedness come with the territory. What I don't like about Darcy is she is not one to be trusted, from my last dealings with her. For example, a tabloid TV show approached me to do an interview on me, considering my work with Paula Jones (Jones v Clinton), Pamela Anderson, etc, and the show asked if they could get b-roll of me working on a celeb and they'd interview the celeb about me. Well, I called Darcy considering we just finished a project and were phone buds and such, and she said OK! But what happened was quite unbelievable, she and her PR people went behind my back and stole the piece right out from under me, not telling me anything, and to my horror, when it aired it was a piece on Darcy's divorce from Jean Claude Van Damme, and I was in it for a sec tending to her hair! The show did explain to me what went down after it had aired, and sent me a letter of apology. I just find it strange this passive aggressive "I don't want fame" kind of attitude a lot of celebs have but that all they want.

Did you even know Darcy did the rodeo or do you think it was just to be on reality TV?

No, I did not know she was doing barrel racing & the rodeo, it's really not in my world. It's not very Beverly Hills but I do think it's cool! Considering she has a knack for marrying the richest and most famous men, you would think she's probably very girly and feminine, which she is, but she really is more of a tomboy which is why this Rodeo Girls persona doesn't shock me. I think this is probably more of the real Darcy inside! She is tough, and can be competitive but that doesn't mean she still isn't a woman. And judging by how Nicholas looks and has turned out, she's also a good mom. I must admit, she looks great in a cowboy hat!

Did you watch the entire season of the show?

I have not had time to watch the entire season but I have seen parts of it. Darcy looks like she did the last time I saw her, and she seems happy. Maybe she's happy because she likes her life now, or because of the new found fame. I have yet to see Darcy in full "Darcy underhanded" action but I'm sure it will come. She doesn't mind being the bad girl on the show, which is just her being her. I have seen that Cheshire cat smile of hers that makes you like her, but like I said, Beware!

What are you doing now and who have you been working with lately?

Now, I have been working on my own reality show, "The Messiah of Makeover", which is about me and my career, and doing my music, which is available on iTunes. I have done concerts opening for Grace Jones at Paramount Studios and headlining my own concerts. At one of my concerts I had cast members from "The Real Housewives of Orange County" as my back-up dancers! I write, arrange, and produce all of my music. I had a hit single called "Take Me to the Other Side" remixed by PWL who have done work with Dead or Alive, Kylie Minogue, & Bananarama.

Since I gained international fame for Paula Jones' makeover during Jones v Clinton, and my work with Pamela Anderson, Stevie Nicks, and the late Anna Nicole Smith, I am still a top Celebrity Hairstylist & Image Consultant in Beverly Hills and continue to work in the Hollywood industry. I have also appeared in numerous reality shows such as Todd TV with Bret Michaels, Da Ali G Show with Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno in our infamous interview, " Home James " which is airing in Scandinavia, the Emmy winning "Cristina's Court", Byron Allen's "The Gossip Queens" that was on Logo, and TMZ on TV, as well as my wranglings with "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and recently being named Best Dressed Star of the Week by Radar Online.

If you want to keep up with Daniel DiCriscio, you can follow him on Twitter. At this time, there is still no news about "Rodeo Girls" being renewed, but fans hope to see Darcy LaPier and the rest of the cast on TV again soon. Please like my Facebook for the latest in entertainment news.

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