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RockyBrook Sinkers offers area anglers lead-free alternatives

RockyBrook Sinkers can give anglers the needed edge to entice wary fish
RockyBrook Sinkers can give anglers the needed edge to entice wary fish
Rebecca Joki

While lead tackle is still legal in Wisconsin, many area anglers have sought out alternatives in the area of terminal tackle such as Tungsten bullet weights or drop shots. But now there is an even better alternative. RockyBrook Sinkers has a full line of limestone sinkers available for area anglers. These sinkers are safe for the environment, and provide a unique sound and feel that can help anglers catch more fish.

Anglers often talk about showing fish something they haven't seen before, or throwing a bait that is different in some way, and limestone sinkers will provide fishermen with just that needed edge. Whether drop-shotting deep humps on a clear lake such as Lake Tomahawk or dragging a Carolina Rig on a flat, RockyBrook Sinkers has just the tool for the angler looking for an advantage. These sinkers provide a unique sound under water. They also blend in to their environment. Both of these things together can help anglers catch more fish. These limestone sinkers come in a variety of weights, from 1/64 oz. to 2 oz. The drop shot weights come in weights from 3/16 oz. to ½ oz., and anglers can purchase bullet style weights, also in limestone, in ¼ oz. and 3/8 oz. varieties. RockyBrook Sinkers also offers tin shaky heads and football head screw-loc heads as well as Tungsten products and a full line of hooks, but limestone is the rock that forms the foundation of their business.

Limestone is known for its ability to help lower pH and reduce alkalinity in water, so it's great for the environment, too. The sinkers will blend in with their surroundings and not spook the fish. They are also odorless, so they won't compete with any attractant or scent that an angler might use. When fishing rivers such as the Wisconsin River, these rocks will tumble down stream with a loud rattle to help attract more fish. Local anglers can learn about the entire line of RockyBrook Sinkers online at their Website and should also be on the lookout for them in local tackle shops soon.