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Rocky Mountain Super Conference on the Family, June 12-14

Colorado's won homeschooling conference.
Colorado's won homeschooling conference.

The yearly Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) homeschooling conference will be at the Denver Merchandise Mart, June 12-14. Registration is $99 online and $89 at the door.

The two new main speakers this year are Voddie Baucham and Rick Boyer (whose book, Take Back the Land, will be reviewed). The event includes a multitude of workshops and lectures alongside various vendors and a used curriculum sale. Friday night includes a free Family Film Festival.

This yearly conference focuses on the family, discipleship and parenting. Many of the workshops and lectures should be helpful or thought-provoking, but since past conferences have included sectarian views and questionable movies, one must always be discerning.

In fact, Rick Boyer's lectures will likely be a mixture of helpful encouragement and weak scholarly facts (as demonstrated in his soon-to-be-reviewed book). Mr. Baucham will similarly be encouraging and helpful for families in various ways except for his commitment to the historical novelty known as family integrated churches. He was part of the poorly researched and overly partisan movie, Divided, using some spurious arguments.

Workshops that cover the details of legal and academic concerns are a must. Other issues, such as parenting and discipleship, should be helpful in various ways, while other topics may be optional for many families. Naturally, families are urged to use biblical discernment and not assume that someone who presents themselves as an expert is an expert on their topic.

With the plethora of speakers and workshops this year, there is sure to be a topic of interest for all.