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Rockwood Place sheds the ghost of central--but is it in time?

Rockwood Place
Rockwood Place
Sam Wurth

Wrigleyville, Chicago. Think Cubs. Bars. TVs. Old Style. Now what happens during a recession and a terrible Cubs season? Bars close, or revamp, or weather the storm. The group of Eat Well, Drink Better have decided to revamp, turning Central into Rockwood Place.

Although still very much a Wrigleyville, flatscreen-adorned bar, Rockwood is obviously trying for a hang-out, rock n' roll theme. Three large booths dominate the South wall, culminating in a stage that hosts DJ's on Friday and Saturday. There are two pool tables (always free), elevated above the rest of the room. The look and feel is all distressed wood, exposed brick, and metal, with a dark Ed Hardy via India-type wallpaper demanding attention. Red overhead lights and red candles illuminate the horseshoe shaped bar.

Rockwood Place has a new paint job, a new floor, tasteful lighting fixtures, custom wallpaper, an attractive staff, and inexpensive drinks, but will it shed the ghost of Central and assume a memorable identity? As it stands, there are mixed messages. Sports bar or lounge? Dance club or cheap food? Either way, the neighborhood will decide.  

Rockwood Place

3466 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL