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Rocksteady talks ambitions for 'Batman: Arkham Knight' on Xbox One and PS4

Ready for Arkham Knight?
Ready for Arkham Knight?
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Now that we have the PS4 and Xbox One on the market and developers are finally getting a chance to create experiences that are exclusive to next-gen, they are starting to notice the types of advances and progress they can make, and Batman: Arkham Knight should be another shining example of that.

Recently, Batman: Arkham Knight producer Dax Ginn talked about the type of mindset they have for Arkham Knight and how the PS4 and Xbox One really open up a whole new world of possibilities for them.

"The main thing we wanted to do, with Rocksteady being a visual studio at our hearts, was use the power of next-gen hardware to really deliver an amazing graphical experience that wouldn’t have been possible on previous generations.

"You saw the amount of detail we’ve built into Gotham also the destruction of the Batmobile driving into the corners of buildings, smashing through and really giving gamers the feeling of taking control of this legendary vehicle and smashing it through the city like a wrecking ball," Ginn said.

The PS4 and Xbox One seem to have allowed Rocksteady to be able to create a much more destructible Gotham City and not only that, a Gotham City that has more scale and size than ever before.

We've heard developers, who are working on new-generation only games, talk about how much simpler the Xbox One and PS4 are to develop for, plus how they really allow a new level of detail to be placed into games.

It's been a fairly consistent, positive sentiment coming from developers and Rocksteady is no different. We are looking forward to getting our hands on Batman: Arkham Knight when it launches later this year.

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