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Rocksteady says Gotham City will 'always be raining' in 'Batman: Arkham Knight'

Batman: Arkham Knight will be bringing with it a Gotham City that is unlike any other we've seen before in a game, with its destructible city and always raining setting, this could open things up for some gorgeous gameplay.

Ready for Arkham Knight?
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Recently, Dax Ginn, who is a producer on the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Knight, talked about the details that they have put into Gotham City as well as where the story of this game is in the realm of the Arkham series.

"Gotham City has got a very specific atmosphere and we spent a lot of time on making sure that's right. It's not just one thing, it's a combination of the atmospherics of light and reflections, it's always raining, it's always night time, making sure that the echoes through the street, they sound right.

"As you're moving through the city, [you'll notice] that style of architecture changes but it all needs to feel like it's still part of the same continuous city. It's a really difficult challenge.

"The story of Batman: Arkham Knight really picks up 12 months after the death of Joker in Arkham City, so Joker's death has left this vacuum and the Scarecrow has returned to really take control of that and deliver the vengeance that he has been planning since Batman took him down in Arkham Asylum.

"Scarecrow is really unifying the rogue gallery and the intention of that unified threat is to destroy the Batman once and for all," Ginn said.

Gotham City is setting up to be bigger than any open-world we've seen from the Arkham series, and part of the reason why we'll be seeing this is due to the Batmobile's ability to take players anywhere in a short amount of time.

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. did confirm Batman: Arkham Knight would be a PS4, Xbox One and PC only game. We don't have an exact release date to share at this time, but we expect it to launch sometime during the fall of 2014.

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