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Rockstar Games promotes more user-generated content in ‘GTA 5’

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Once again taking the time to honor exceptional player-made missions within the online multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games has selected 10 more user-generated jobs to add to the game’s official verified playlist. Featuring a variety of mission types, including new capture jobs from the recent Capture Creator Update, the developer announced the new verified jobs on May 8.

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Each week Rockstar Games releases another set of missions that were made by the community to become the new verified job selection inside GTA Online. Once a job becomes officially verified, it will show up next to Rockstar Games’ own missions in the game’s playlist. Furthermore, the jobs are then made available across all platforms regardless of which console the missions were originally created on.

The verified job selection is a great way for the developer to showcase the best user-generated content that GTA Online fans have managed to create thus far. While Rockstar Games reserves the right to make adjustments to the player-made creations, mostly in the interests of design flow or legal licensing issues, what becomes published as a verified job is generally exactly what was created by the community.

The in-game mission creation tools for GTA Online initially allowed players to build their own races and deathmatch-based jobs in the game. The recent release of The Capture Creator Update also added the ability for fans to create missions using the game’s capture rules that are based on the classic game of “capture the flag.”

Grand Theft Auto V is available now only on Xbox 360 and PS3. Rockstar Games revealed that they will be releasing three major content patches for the game this spring, starting with the Capture Creator Update. Next week will see the launch of The High Life Update which will add new apartments to the game. The third planned update will finally add online co-op heist missions to GTA Online.