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Rockstar Games is hosting a ‘GTA 5’ weekend event offering bonus RP, cash

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V
Photo courtesy of Take-Two Interactive, used with permission

In celebration of this past week’s release of the I’m Not a Hipster update for Grand Theft Auto V, players can enjoy a special in-game event what will take place over the remainder of the weekend. The event provides fans with bonuses to mission rewards within GTA Online in addition to a few other planned extras throughout the weekend according to a report by Game Informer on June 20.

Players will receive three new in-game shirts as a result of simply logging into the game during the course of the event. The retro print tees are being provided in an effort to allow fans further customization of their online avatars keeping with the theme of the recent hipster-themed title update.

Throughout the weekend, gamers will also see a new playlist of jobs from the new update. During the event, fans will receive double the mission cash payout. The I’m Not a Hipster update also added three new gang attacks to the open-world map found in GTA Online. Players that undertake any of these new gang attacks will be rewarded with three times the normal amount of RP and quadruple the money.

All weekend long, there will also be special event crate drops that can be found throughout the game. Those who can successfully claim the crates will receive large bonuses of RP, GTA cash, and wide selection of heavy-duty weaponry.

The special weekend event will last through Sunday. The release of this week’s I’m Not a Hipster update was previously unannounced by Rockstar Games. The latest free title update was likely offered as something of a consolation to fans considering the developer also announced the launch delay of GTA Online’s heists. Rockstar Games originally announced that co-op heists would become available this spring, but the content now has no expected release window after its recent delay.