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Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival: Body Count

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MORRISON, Colo.—Body Count counted bodies to the rhythm of the war drums during Rockstar Energy Drink’s Mayhem Festival at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, on July 14. They were the opening act, along with Trivium and Asking Alexandria. KoЯn was the direct support and Avenged Sevenfold was the headlining act.

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Ice-T is the vocalist, Ernie C is the lead guitarist, Ill Will is the drummer, Vincent Price is the bassist, Juan of the Dead is the rhythm guitarist, Sean E Sean and Tracy Lauren, Jr. are the backup vocalists of Body Count.

An instrumental brought Body count to the stage. After Ice-T made was onto the stage, he told the audience Body Count was in the building. Then, Ernie C began the performance with “There Goes The Neighborhood” and the rest of his band mates accompanied him. During the song, Price jumped on a speaker on the side of the stage and performed on it.

Before the start of “Body Count”, Ice-T mentioned Body Count had been part of the music scene since 1992. He spoke of their upbringing in south central Los Angeles and how it was the opposite of what life was portrayed on television. He went onto say it had been the earliest they had played. Noticing the layout of the venue, he knew no one could form a mosh pit and encouraged them to head bang. During the song, he introduced Ill Will and requested him to perform a drum solo.

During the transition, Ice-T introduced his band mates and introduced Juan of the Dead as the newest member. A fan and Ice-T had a debate as to which of the two were older. He mentioned he had been their age and they have yet to live his. He mentioned he was 56-years-old and joked how he looked young for his age. Then, Body Count went onto perform “Talk S**t, Get Shot”. After providing they provided the first half of the song’s title, he encouraged the crowd to finish it.

“Cop Killer” brought an end to Body Count’s recital, after Ice-T mentioned the song could be Colo.’s anthem. During his performance—his son, Lauren, Jr., stood next to him at the front of the stage and they alternated lyrics with each other. Afterwards, he thanked the crowd and they parted the stage.

“Bowels of the Devil”, “Manslaughter” and “KKK B***h” were also a part of Body Count.