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Rockport Beach Park: the only Blue Wave beach in Texas

Two massive currents converge on the Coastal Bend. One sweeps down across the Louisiana coast and south past north-central Texas, while the second rises up from Mexico. These currents bring abundant fish and marine species, as well as the stinky, but ecologically significant Sargassum seaweed that covers our beaches during spring and early summer. Unfortunately, the currents also carry trash - loads and loads of trash. The good news for Corpus Christians is that not all of our beach trash is our fault; in fact, most of it comes from elsewhere. The bad news is that our beaches are often junky, stinky places. Thankfully, there is one local beach that retains its pristine quality despite the constant influx of garbage.

Rockport Beach Park might seem like a measly stretch of land when compared to the vastness of Padre Island National Seashore and other local beaches. Don't be fooled. This beach, which is actually adjacent to Aransas Bay rather than the Gulf of Mexico, is the cleanest, most comfortable locale you'll find in the area. Lined with thatch-roofed shades and picnic tables, the the beach is narrow yet sufficient for the smaller crowds in the Rockport area. Bathrooms and showers are readily available, and the water - incredibly shallow and wave-free - is ideal for families.

The Rockport Beach Park is the only Texas beach to qualify as a Blue Wave beach, which is an environmental certification for beaches. The pristine quality of the beach is evident when one visits, as a bird sanctuary lines various parts of the beach and sea grass meadows abound within arm's reach. Not surprisingly, perhaps, snorkeling is a popular activity in the fish-filled waters of the park.

The park is open Monday through Thursday 5 am through 11 pm and Friday through Sunday 5 am through midnight. Entrance is $4 per vehicle per day or $10 for an annual pass. Visit the Rockport Beach Park web page for more information.


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