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'Rocking' the Runway With Jay Godfrey

Jay Godfrey Spring 2015 Sketch
Jay Godfrey Spring 2015 Sketch
Jay Godfrey

Upon first glance, he encompasses an old New York aurora with ruffled dark hair, a piercing glare and a personal style that emphasizes a sleek meets classic feel. One moment he is poised effortlessly on the red carpet of his namesake presentation in a zipped leather jacket with dark pants, and the next moment he is standing on a rooftop in a dark black suit with a pencil tie and a stroke of confidence that you can’t deny. ‘He’ is none other than Jay Godfrey, acclaimed fashion designer who came onto the scene in little time, much like Zac Posen after he dressed Rhianna. With a respectably keen eye for new trends and a plethora of milestones, under his belt, Godfrey has shown the fashion world why moving from Wall Street to the runway was a move worth making.

Photo by Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz
Photo by Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

In literally six years, Jay Godfrey has built a fashion empire, making him a household name. His luxurious fabrics with seamless silhouettes have garnered the attention of WWD, ELLE, Cosmopolitan and the New York Post. This increased recognition transcended into retail where numerous luxury boutiques like Bergdorf Goodman, Intermix, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Holt Renfrew were willing to buy into his brand, something few designers are able to do in scores of years. As fate would have it, later on, Cachet Hotel Group retained Godfrey to collaborate on the rebranding and renovation of URBN Hotel, China’s first carbon-neutral multi award-winning hotel in Shanghai.

With significant nods of approval from huge retail outlets and universal organizations, celebrity acknowledgement only comes with the territory. We all remember Eva Longoria in her pallid pink dress, harnessed in gold lining while speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live or, Leighton Meester in her strapless black and white printed garb. Of course, there is the unforgettable, asymmetrical gold, knee-length dress adorned by Sarah Michelle Geller.

From Finance to Fashion

Few may know of Godfrey’s finance background, which can account for the Jay Godfrey brand’s great business turnaround in little time. He originally knew he wanted to do fashion after an internship with none other than Hugo Boss. Although he delved into the world of finance and worked at Citigroup, he still had his eye on design and decided to take the plunge into Parsons School of Design, often included in Heidi Klum’s Bravo TV hit show, Project Runway. Afterwards, a dream internship with Oscar De La Renta helped him hone is craft. From there, it was “history,” as they say.

Jay Godfrey has now successfully contrived an eponymous collection of wearable designs which embody a modern feel. There is a truly raw, magnetic segment of his brand that draws women in. Maybe it’s that strong city feel you get when you slip on a 'Stryker' Racerback dress, mirroring the pavements trodded on by New Yorker’s on a daily basis, or the 'Baker' Jacquard Wide Leg Jumpsuit with playful textures and luminous motif’s that enable one to transcend from work to the night wear. Either way, whatever he is stirring up is working, because Jay Godfrey wear is rocking the runway.

NY Fashion Week

Fashion lovers have some interesting electric western inspired wear from Godfrey coming to Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week very soon for the Spring 2015 collection. Much of this collection will depict an interesting twist on western Americana. Look out for tea stained ivory lace, suede fringe, stretch denim, and embellished fabrics. You can get a taste of what's to show on the runway in the posted sketch above.