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Rocking out at the Roxy's Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt at the Roxy!! Puritan dress code for men warlocks and witches alike
Witch Hunt at the Roxy!! Puritan dress code for men warlocks and witches alike
Saint Motel,NicoVega and TheRoxy

Four hundred years ago things went a little awry (or should that be 'a rye') in a little village called Salem when mass paranoia (an early import from europe) somehow managed to convince people that burning and hanging people as witches would be a good idea. What happened in Salem was nothing compared to what happened in England and the rest of Europe throughout that century. The English excelled in paranoid stupidity at the time by inventing the 'Ducking Stool' as the ultimate in witch detection. First you needed a long pole suspended over a large body of water (waterwheels from milhouses were often used too) then you needed a suspected witch. The suspect was then tightly bound to the pole (or waterwheel) and dunked under water for a period of about ten minutes. If they died they were presumed to be innocent, but if they lived they were deemed to be witches and promptly burned at the stake. Simply having a wart, boil or birthmark was seen as proof of witchcraft and, needless to say, about half the teenage population of Europe probably went into hiding at the hieght of the Witchfinding hysteria. The roots of the hysteria in both the States and Europe was later found to be caused in part by a hallucinagenic mould that infected crops of Rye in damp lowlying areas (...the Dutch have never been the same scince!!). The apparitions that followed from eating the infected bread was inexplicably put down to the work of witchcraft and so the 'Po Pot' styled hysteria ensued.

      This week, as a mark of respect for everyone who has ever lost their lives as a result of sectarian, racial or political hatred, fear, paranoia and stupidity  throughout the slightly demented history of humanity, four of LA's very top bands will be rocking out the Roxy at the Halloween Witch Hunt this Friday.....So it's time to get out your fancy buxom wench dresses and your Puritan hats, cloaks and clogs on for another Saint Motel extravaganza!!  

  Also joining Saint Motel for the gig of the year will be Nico Vega, Imagine Dragons and the exceptional Queen Caveat (think of the raucus rock and female vocals of Irelands SJ Wai of  Dirty Epics subtly disguised as Blondie). The very foundations of the Roxy will be likely to shake once the decibels pick up and, as is allways the case on Saint Motel extravaganza's,you can expect some very special prizes and competition announcements via the bands MySpace and Facebook over the next few days too...personaly I'm hoping for a ducking stool to be situated over a nice big vat of 'witches brew' or perhaps even the other special themed drinks on offer on the night...though I might avoid a quick dunk in the brandy just in case I spontaniously combust once the musical sparks start to fly!

    Don't forget to buy your tickets as soon as you can as Saint Motel and Nico Vega both have a habbit of selling out very quickly!!! After Friday the bands will contine to tour throughout the West Coast together while on Sunday the Roxy will be putting on a special bid to brake the world record for the Worlds biggest ever Timewarp at the Halloween Carnaval, so you'd better start practising your 'pelvic thrusts' right now!!


  • oxford don 4 years ago

    Strangly enough, those witchunting sprees probably killed off more christians than Nero.There was even a story of one young christian at the 'ducking stool' excecutions who (after actualy 'reading' the gospels) set about kindly raising three drowned innocents from the dead. The gratefull responses of the 'resurrected' where short lived as the highly in bred villagers then burnt them all at the stake! Signs and wonders just weren't allowed in those days...even if they were from god himself!

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