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Rockin' the Roku 2

In June of 2011, one of the first articles that I wrote about was a device called the Roku. With this gadget, you can instantly stream several forms of entertainment on your TV without using cable or a gaming system. Most people are familiar with or use Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Instant Video, and you can watch you TV shows and movies using this device.

I first discovered the Roku when my family and I decided to give up cable for a year. I came up with the idea of giving up cable for 2 reasons: the cost and nothing really seemed to be on half of the time. One day, while my son was on his Xbox, I saw where he could stream shows and movies through the gaming system using Netflix. I thought, hey, what a great idea, but I wasn’t buying any gaming system just to use Netflix. Then began my quest to find a comparable device that would let me watch the same programs using Netflix.

I found a few devices, also known as set top boxes, but the Roku was the one that stuck out and seemed to be the best option, even though I had never heard of it. So, I decided to take the plunge and spend the hundred bucks and give it a whirl. To my pleasant surprise, it was easy to use and worked great! I was immediately sold; and not only did we give up cable for a year, we gave it up for 2 whole years...what a savings!

At the present time, we are back to cable, but with a different provider. No real big difference, except the bill is higher now! More channels, but not necessarily a better product, and we did upgrade our internet type and speed however. You may ask, if you were sold on the Roku, why did you go back to cable? One of the main and top reasons was live TV programs, like sporting and certain entertainment events like the Grammy’s (you know, if you have kids).

In summary, we still use our Roku, but with television sets that don’t have a cable box (we have more TV sets than cable boxes in our home due to gaming requirements!), but now it may be time for one more for device for that guest or spare room. When I went to check out buying another Roku, I was very pleased to find that now there are other and more upgraded versions of the product. It’s just a matter of purchasing the one that fits our current needs. And one of the best things about making the decision to buy is that the price of 2 out of the 3 new versions is less expensive than the original one that I purchased almost 3 years ago! The most expensive one is the same price as my current one, and that one is only for HD TV’s, so it’s highly likely that I will not purchase that version just in case someone wants to use it on an older set. Looks like another win-win situation.

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