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Rockin' Hollywood Tours takes passengers for a ride

Visit Hollywood's historic music venues.
Visit Hollywood's historic music venues.

Ever wonder how it would feel to be a tourist in your own city? By looking through the lense of a foreigner, you can rediscover Hollywood's gems and treasures. With Rockin' Hollywood Tours, Los Angeles residents and tourists alike can experience the wonders hidden in the streets of L.A.'s most famous town.

The tour takes riders to see the dwellings of L.A.'s rich and famous on an open air van so passengers can breath in the fresh air while being star struck. Some of the homes that the van will take passengers to visit are those of Lindsay Lohan, Frank Sinatra, Julia Roberts and Madonna. Let jealousy fill your heart as you gaze upon million dollar homes that only the stars can afford, but that you have the privelege to witness.

After a ride through multimillion dollar abodes, the van takes passengers to famous Hollywood Landmarks such as the elusive Hollywood sign usually accepted from a distance and rarely seen up close, the Playboy Mansion which is home to the country's secret and exciting parties, and Skybar which boasts panoramic views of the Los Angeles skyline.

Since music is a major facet of Los Angeles culture, the tour leads riders to historic music sites around town. These locations are still home to rocking tunes any night of the week and were the birth place for some of history's greatest bands. The van drives by venues such as The Troubadour that debuted artists such as Neil Young, Elton John, and Billy Joel; House of Blues which features music tours such as the Uranium Tour, the Revolt Tour, and Winter Greens Tour; and home of rock bands on the rise, The Viper Room. By taking visitors on a tour of renowned music venues, tourists and residents know where to go when they need to jam on a Friday or Saturday night.

Even in a recession, anyone can afford to spend an afternoon riding around town since tickets are only 20 dollars for adults. With tours leaving every hour Sunday-Saturday, 9 am to 9 pm, everyone can have an opportunity to sightsee one of the most popular and well-known cities in the world.