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Rockin' by the river

Rock out by the river
Rock out by the river
Email from USNWC

On a weekend like this, it’s hard not to imagine lying out by the water with friends and drinking a cool beverage. Well, just so happens, there’s an event for that.

River Jam at the U.S. National Whitewater Center is back. Returning May 6th and continuing every Thursday until summer’s end. Okay, okay, so it’s not on the weekend, but there’ll be blue water, great brews, and good eats- and that makes Thursdays the new Fridays. But more than just an opportunity to relax by the water with friends, there’s live music, too. And the best part? It’s FREE.

The opening act for May 6th is the Victor James Band, but upcoming acts for the following weeks include:

May 13th - Heywire
May 20th - The Masonboro Boys
May 27th - Lefty Williams Band
June 3rd - Tone Blazers

(USNWC Website)

For a music lineup for the entire summer, visit the U.S. National Whitewater Center event listing.

But on the night before, there’s another Whitewater special. The Moonlight Micro Brews Cruise is “an hour and a half flatwater paddle on the Catawba River followed by a campfire-lit dinner and beer tasting” (so says the website). But nightlifers have to reserve their spot, because events like that fill up fast. Tickets are $45 and can be purchased here.


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