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Rocki Play lets you stream music to any speaker

Rocki Play is a dongle that lets you stream music to any speaker
Rocki Play is a dongle that lets you stream music to any speaker
Photo Courtesy of Rocki

Rocki Play is a Kickstarter project that has become a success story.

What you thought was old can be new again.

The Rocki Wi-Fi Music System lets you transform new or old existing speakers into Wi-Fi speakers that will play music from a smartphone or tablet.

If you loved that old boom box or stereo you had and it's just collecting dust in the basement, Rocki will help bring it back to life.

What is Rocki Play?

Rocki Play is a small WiFi enabled dongle lets you easily turn any speaker to a wireless speaker system (think Bluetooth, but even better). Using WiFi, Rocki receives audio from smartphones, tablets, a PC or your Mac, even better than Bluetooth technology. You plug the Rocki dongle into a standard speaker with 3.5mm or RCA audio port, and then the music starts to play and fill the room.

The free downloadable new Rocki app, available for Android and iOS, allows the users to access and manage their saved music through multiple devices and much more.

“Rocki’s mission is to create a universal system to bridge music fans with their music anywhere; in the home, in the car, beach or park,” says Nick Yap, CEO of Rocki. “By launching the iOS Rocki app, we are now able to fulfill the needs of both Android and iPhone users allowing most Smartphone users to free their music.”

Rocki Play is now available for order at and on for $49.

You can then download the app in the iOS App Store at

Per Rocki, here is a recap of what you can expect:

- Rocki works with your existing sound system by directly connecting to speakers via 3.5mm or standard RCA audio connectors
- Rocki links to your personal device via WiFi connection enabling ROCKI to transmit high quality audio, including lost formats like FLAC, at a greater distance
- Free Rocki app allows single or multi users to conveniently stream their music. Currently available for Android and iOS with near-future launches of WindowsPhone, BB10, FirefoxOS, Ubuntu Phone
- Rocki Social Playlists app feature gives users access to multiple devices’ shared music, creating socially curated playlists with a Jukebox feel
- App is compatible with a multitude of sound formats: MP3, FLAC, OGG, MP4 and others
- Rocki is compatible with PC and Mac; the ROCKI app will fetch music directly from the computers’ shared network folders
- Use 2 or more Rocki devices for seamless sound in multiple rooms or different tunes in different rooms
- Achieve up to 8 hours of playback with rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
- Available in 7 stylish colors
- 10% of Back-to-School promo code: readytorocki

Use that code at:

It really does work!

As a bonus, Rocki has just partnered with Rhapsody.

Now you can play your Rhapsody playlists, through the easy-to-use app.

“Offering streaming music services within the Rocki platform has been a goal since the formation of Rocki,” adds Yap. “Offering our users more solutions, like Rhapsody, to stream their favorite music is the cornerstone of Rocki; an easy-to-use and affordable solution for every person.”

The folks at Rocki describe what they do best:

Rocki. From every phone. To all speakers. For everyone. Free your music at

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