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Rockford, IL: great place for sports tournaments

Heading for Rockford, IL and love sports? Then you are in luck. That's because Rockford, IL has been voted the best Midwest City for Sports Venues by Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Rockford, IL: great place for sports tournaments
Rockford, IL: great place for sports tournaments
Rockford IL, CVB

In fact, Rockford actually hosts amateur sports tournaments throughout the year. Those sports are primarily soccer, softball, baseball, tennis, golf, wrestling, volleyball, rugby, bowling, chess, water-skiing and rowing.

Boy is any world traveler heading there in for a treat! There are two outdoor sports complexes, called Sportscore One and Sportscore Two, which feature a total of 205 acres of playing fields.

The Indoor Sports Center and Hononegah Dome each boast 60,000 square feet for indoor soccer, volleyball, in-line hockey and more.

But that's not all. Rockford is also home to minor league baseball and ice hockey. If you didn't think Rockford was worth visiting for its sports tournaments, then think again.

You won't be disappointed by this town that's also known as the City of Gardens. There's something here to keep everyone in the family happy!

Don't miss it!

San Francisco local residents can reach Rockford, IL and just about any other destination by flying from local SFO International Airport.

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