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Rockets Red Glare at KSC

LADEE Launch from Cape Canaveral
J Keith Sowell

Ive been in Titusville Florida now for one month and live about 3 blocks from the Indian River inlet which is part of the Atlantic Ocean. Over the last month I have seen 4 rockets blast off including LADEE and the SpaceX Satellite launch the other week.

I am including some videos for your enjoyment on some of the launches I see from the river. You can also see the NASA Assembly building when you look across the Indian River. Many Aerospace Businesses are moving to KSC and the surrounding Spacecoast area to take advantage of the workforce and the facilities provided by KSC and other local businesses.

Business is picking up from a depressed area once the home of Space Shuttle workers until the program ended. Things are slowly picking up including the rocket launches fron Cape Canaveral and KSC.

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