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Rocket Fire on Israel May Lead to Peace Agreement

Hundreds of rockets continue to pound Israel daily since the Palestinian boy was found dead, blamed on Israel for retaliation of the three kidnapped Israeli boys. The escalation continues as Israel hits over 860 targets in Gaza, followed by a ground invasion in an effort to weed out terrorists. At this point, Netanyahu says all options for peace are on the table.

In light of all the recent developments, President Obama has contacted Netanyhu several times asking if he would be interested in resuming peace talks with the Palestinians. So far an answer had not been given, but the pressure continues to build. Could this pressure have been brought on by the Antichrist in an effort to get the peace deal signed? Obama seems to be ready with pen in hand while Netanyahu out of desperation is considering a peace deal, as he said that all options for peace are on the table. So perhaps a peace agreement with the help of President Obama may be called upon by both sides in the very near future.

The Palestinian President Abbas has called on the UN to protect the Palestinians against Israel. In response, Ban Ki Moon is urging Israel to show restraint saying that Gaza is on a knife's edge. It appears that without a peace agreement and soon, the Gaza strip, Hamas and the Palestinians will be turned into a heap of rubble by Israel's mighty military. This may cause the whole world to turn against them as what was predicted in the Bible.

Turkey who was once an ally is now condemning Israel, calling them cruel. But Netanyahu says there can never be peace as long as the rockets continue to be fired.

Netanyahu was recently praised because of the Iron Dome missile defense shield that he implemented to protect Israel, costing over 5 billion. But Hamas knows how to overcome the shield be firing hundreds of rockets at one time, as the Iron Dome cannot keep up with all of them. Although rockets made it into cities and villages, the Iron Dome was able to intercept missiles headed toward the airport, Jerusalem and to Tel Aviv.

But this is not all Israel has to be worried about. There is the fear that ISIS who had successfully taken over Iraq and Syria will now try to take over Jordan, Lebanon and Gaza, creating an Islamist terrorist empire in the Middle East, which will no doubt have the backing of nations such as Iran. Without being stopped, ISIS would be a direct threat to free world Western nations and to Israel.

Israel has always had an interest in securing peace with Jordan. The main reason for the peace agreement signed in 1994 between the two countries was to secure peace and security within their region. Jordan agreed to share water resources in exchange for military protection. Egypt and Israel also signed a similar agreement in 1979 which allowed for free passages of Israeli ships through the Suez Canal. Helping to secure the borders of these two nations in a conflict would help to ensure the peace and safety of the Israeli people.

But this new plan by ISIS to overthrow King Abdullah of Jordan would take down the safety barrier and put Israel in jeopardy. So Israel has no choice but to help defend Jordan against ISIS if and when they choose to attack.

The problems Israel is experiencing now is far from over. Things appear to be escalating out of control, and it seems at this point that it would take some sort of agreement involving the entire world to bring true peace. Netanyahu recently said that there are over 120 tunnels going into Gaza making it nearly impossible to stop the rockets from coming in. As the whole world seems to be coming against Israel, and military efforts are failing, the peace agreement may not seem like such a bad idea. This is why Netanyahu is now willing to put all options on the table for peace. So could this cease fire being called for by the world, also contain an agreement of peace?

Ironically in September 2014, the UN will hold its General Assembly meeting where they will discuss and vote on aspects of peace. The gun control treaty will be a topic of discussion and if 50 nations agree, then it will became an international law. But with this new conflict arising in the Middle East, it would be expected of the UN to take control of the situation through a peace treaty which 50 nations will agree to and it will become an international law. Abbas is already begun asking for help from the UN for peace. The UN meeting will be held during the time of Rosh Hashanah, which is a significant time for Biblical prophecy to take place. Will the peace agreement be signed during this time involving the UN? If so the rapture of the church will take place very soon and the tribulation hour will begin.

All signs are here. Chaos is breaking out in the Middle East, disasters are taking place all over the globe of every kind. Jesus is coming soon! He promised to take those to safety who repented of their sins and turned away from them. He will save them from the hour of trial that is soon to come upon the earth. Earthquakes, famines, economic collapse, volcano eruptions, death, disease and nuclear war are just a few things that those who are left behind will face during the hour of trial. Don't be left behind, let Jesus save you, ask Him into your heart today.

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