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Rocker chic with an edge - rocks her own look

Krista rocks a New York style & attitude ...
Krista rocks a New York style & attitude ...
Photography by Scott VandenBrink.

Krista’s kind of a rocker type with a classy edge. She was spotted at a downtown coffee shop where one could only describe her style as truly hip and urban – Yep, she certainly packs a fashionista punch!

“I try to choose outfits that are far from ‘typical’,” Krista says. “My fashion philosophy is that style should portray your personality… fashion sense is a very personal thing, so every individual should be able to wear what they like, feel comfortable in and what they feel like creating that day.”

And where does Krista find her creative sensations?

Edmonton stores that top her fav list include Who Cares and Holt’s. Labels she lusts after are Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, L.A.M.B. (although a bit over-priced) and that wonderfully outrageous Betsey Johnson. For more reasonably priced items, she depends on H & M, American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.

So that doesn’t mean you have to go all Gucci to get a unique and ‘rad’ look, reminds Krista.

“The key to a great outfit is mixing affordable pieces with expensive bag or pair of heels, for example,” she explains. “Luckily, stores now are so great at offering style at any price, so the average person can take a Wal-Mart piece and pair it with a designer item.”

And, if you purchase a classic like the little black dress, she reminds us, “You can wear it time and time again, by simply changing accessories or teaming it with different tunics or jackets… Or you can always dress it up or down, with different fabric choices, denim and sweaters for daytime.”

When it comes to memorable style, Krista believes in the combination of consistency and diversity.

“Your style sense can be different all the time, because we feel different everyday. I think most of us have a favourite colour scheme or palette; we’re attracted to certain fabrics and textures… so when we dress we portray an image that reflects our mood and personality.”

Overall, says Krista, our clothes should be able to tell a story – without ever having to speak a word.


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