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Rock repellent: Book review of ‘Vinegar 1001 Practical Uses’ by Margaret Briggs

Using dog image because Examiner would not upload book cover
Using dog image because Examiner would not upload book cover
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Vinegar 1001 Practical Uses by Margaret Briggs is one of those books that you pick up until a new novel strikes your fancy. It’s a reference book that reminds readers of the various uses and benefits of vinegar; the hot condiment of the 2000 teens! There are several places in the Kansas City area that now sell delicious flavored vinegars. What I have learned through trial and error (although I haven’t had much error in my food experiments) is that vinegar can go well with everything and mixing it with various berries, along with goat cheese, can make any dish delish.

According to Briggs, vinegar was discovered by accident 10,000 years ago which prompts me to ask, how does she know? Frankly maybe alcohol was discovered in the venture of making vinegar? Along with other historical facts, she reports that Hannibal, the general not the cannibal, was able to get his famous elephants through the Alps by using vinegar and fire to soften rocks which then he was able to crush – just a good to know tidbit next time you attempt to transport a herd of elephants through a mountain range!

As far as health benefits go, vinegar is listed as a substance that can cure, or at least alleviate, every symptom known to humankind including mixing vinegar, water, and honey for a weight loss hot toddy. Briggs not only includes edible vinegar recipes but also ones for cleaning and protections from household and garden bugs. She also includes what seemed like hundreds of recipes for making your own vinegar but since vinegar never goes bad why bother making it when it is so affordable at your local grocery or the before mentioned specialty shop?

I recommend Vinegar 1001 Practical Uses for anyone interested in a quick vinegar reference book or as a practical present for your favorite cook.

Happy reading!