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Rock out at the MötorCity Casino


War-Pig designed by Joe Petagno in 1977

They've been metal since 1975. Highly influential in sculpting the current sound of the genre; Mötorhead will only stop when killed by death. The prolific and embodiment of sex, drugs, and rock and roll will appear at the MotorCity Casino & Hotel on September 1st with some friends including Nashville P*ssy and Reverend Horton Heat.

There's no denying the impact that Mötorhead has had on current music and also how amazing it is that frontman Lemmy Kilmister is still alive. Artists that come to mind during the topic of modern metal such as Slayer, Pantera, Guns and Roses and so on were just beginning their careers while Lemmy's moles were old enough to legally drink. The frontman and (ugly) face of Mötorhead is known for ascending to true rock god status with a career based on promiscuous sex, heaving drinking, and recreational drug use. Fortunately for rock and roll lovers, the rock legend doesn't seem to be abandoning that lifestyle anytime soon.

Their groundbreaking style which incorporates what would be later known as elements of rock and speed metal was and still is one of the most unique compositions of rock music in history. Their groundbreaking "Ace of Spades" has become an anthem for a lifestyle of debauchery and one of the most recognizable heavy metal songs in history. Knee deep in their North American and European tour, Mötorhead is set to play at the fitting MotorCity Casino & Hotel. Come see Mötorhead, which has reverted back to it's ultra power trio format with Kilmister on bass, Phil Campbell on the guitar, and Mickey Dee on the skins.

Tickets for your descent into madness hover around $20. See exactly why the UK invented the metal genre and why you're glad that they did.

This video never gets old