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Rock our world: the Grand Cross of 2014 and its effects on you personally-Part 2

The unknown
The unknown

April's Grand Cross involving Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Mars will change the world in many ways as a collective. It also aspects the charts of at least half of the population individually or more, so during this period we will see many personal changes in our own lives as well as the world.

The grand cross is complicated and complex to the world and to us personally. We are able to gauge to some extent how it will affect us, but Uranus may well bring an element of surprise as that is the nature of the planet.
To understand how this grand cross will affect you personally, you need some very basic knowledge of your own personal natal chart, and of the grand cross.

Most people know their own Sun sign. Those affected will be cardinal signs, or have cardinal planets in their chart. The cardinal planets are Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn and the degrees that will be affected by the transit are roughly 10-16 degrees. So, if you know your Sun sign and the degree, using this information you will know whether or not you will be affected by the grand cross.

If you know your ascendant and degree this is even better. Again, the cardinal signs are what we need to pay attention to. So, you will be affected if your ascendant is Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn between 10-16 degrees.
If you don't have any information about your chart, my suggestion is to go to one of the free internet sites and get a copy of your chart that will spell out what your planets are and the degrees. If you don't understand astrology you will not be able to read the chart and it will seem like Greek, so information about your planets needs to be spelled out. For example: Your Sun is 13 degrees of Libra, Your moon is 13 degrees of Capricorn, etc.

All individuals will be affected by the grand cross to an extent, and it will aspect everyone's chart. Those most affected will have personal planets that are aspected.

If it does not affect your personal chart you will likely in some way be affected by the actions or situations of others, whose chart is affected and we will all be affected by events in the world.
The following will allow you to determine if your chart is in fact being aspected by the grand cross.

If your chart is aspected, do not panic but rather know that changes are inherent in your future and all changes are not bad. My own personal experience of being aspected by some of these major configurations-many of which have occurred since 2008, aspecting my chart- is a sense of relief and a new direction or a solution/conclusion to a problem as the planets come together in an exact configuration. But, each individual is different and it all depends on what else may be in your chart at the time.

The next question is which houses are being affected or which planets are involved. If you know your Sun sign (or your ascendant- start with the first house simply count 1-12 houses from there. Let's say you are a 13 degree Cancer, for example. The same goes if you are a Capricorn, Libra, or Aries. The GC will aspect the angular houses of all cardinal signs. In other words the grand cross will hit your first house (Cancer), fourth house (Libra), seventh house (Capricorn) and Aries (tenth house) IF you are a Cardinal sign or have a Cardinal ascendant.

Here is a brief description of what each house represents:
First- You on a personal level and this often deals with relationships as it opposes the seventh, or the first/seventh house axis.
Second-Finance, earned income and it opposes the eighth house of taxes, debt, partners money or corporate money and sex, and the eighth house deals with death and change. This constitutes the second/eighth house axis.(for a death to occur other transits must be present)
Third-communication, thinking and the mind, immediate family members, neighbors and co-workers. It opposes the ninth house ruling education, travel, medical and legal matters and this constitutes the third/ninth house axis.
Fourth-The fourth house rules the basic foundation of life, security, the home and parents (Mother). It opposes the tenth house of business and priorities, and this becomes the fourth/tenth house axis.
Fifth-the fifth house rules friends, children, love affairs and creativity. It opposes the eleventh house of groups and organizations, hopes and wishes, constituting the fifth/eleventh house axis.
Sixth-the sixth house rules work, health, service to others or employees and small animals. It opposes the twelfth house which is considered the house of the subconscious, things secret and hidden, and the house of seclusion or isolation, as well as large institutions-jails hospitals, etc. This constitutes the sixth/twelfth house axis.
Seventh-The seventh house rules marriage, committed relationships and partnerships, courts and 'open enemies.' It opposes the first house of self, becoming the seventh/first house axis.
Eighth-The eighth house rules major change and transformation, even death. It is generally associated with taxes and debt, partners and corporate money, and sex. It opposes the second house of income, constituting the second/eighth house axis.
Ninth-The ninth house generally deals with education, travel, philosophy and religion and the way one views the world. It is considered the house of legal and medical matters, and opposes the third house constituting the ninth/third house axis.
Tenth-The tenth house rules business, priorities, reputation, the Father and it opposes the fourth house becoming the fourth/tenth house axis.
Eleventh-The eleventh house rules our hopes and wishes, groups and organizations and friends. It opposes the fifth becoming the eleventh/fifth house axis.
Twelfth-the twelfth house rules the subconscious mind and what's in it, things and situations that are secret and hidden and institutions such as hospitals and places of seclusion. It opposes the sixth house of health and work, comprising the twelfth/sixth house axis.

If the grand cross is aspecting one house, it is aspecting the axis of two houses. For example, if you are a Cancer and the GC aspects your first house it also aspects your seventh.

If you are a cardinal sign, and angular houses are being affected changes are going to occur rapidly and they will be major in nature. You may have some idea of what they changes are now, or a clue as to what is going to be going on. The GC will create tension and you may feel pulled in many different directions at once which will result in changes in some of the most significant areas.

If the grand cross falls in the Succedent houses the focus may be on money or material possessions. The Succedent houses are the second, fifth, eighth and eleventh and encompasses the second-eighth house axis. Alternatively it could also deal with love affairs and sex. Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars will fall in the above mentioned houses.
To be heavily affected you must have the above planets aspecting something in these houses.

For example, you could be a Gemini ascendant, and Uranus lies in your second house at 12 degrees of Aries. The GC would fall on Uranus in your second house and it would set off the fifth house ruling speculative
investments, and friends, the eight house of other people's money, taxes and investments and the eleventh house of groups and organizations. I would read this as an unexpected money issue connected with taxes, investments or corporate money.

Now, let's say you are a Gemini ascendant and Venus falls in Libra at 14 degrees in your fifth house and this is the only natal planet in your chart that is aspected. This changes the focus somewhat. Venus rules love and money, and there may still be a money issue, but it could also relate to love in a big way. You may experience some type of major change or ending in your love life that could in some way involve money, sex, or even children! So you can see how complex the grand cross is and how important it is to be aware of what is coming up in your chart.

Lastly, let's look at the GC falling in the Cadent houses, which are three, six, nine and twelve. These are the houses that rule work, health, and the house ruling the unknown.

The third and ninth house axis are affected as well as the sixth and twelfth.

You may be dealing with a health or work issue, or situations that involve immediate family members or your basic belief systems. With the twelfth house being aspected you may feel a sense of uncertainty, or a lack of clarity about what is going on during this time. Situations may involve seclusion, or places of seclusion, or you could be involved in behind the scenes situations.

Sometimes planets are intercepted, meaning the planet is not in the house mentioned above. All signs are 30 degrees but houses can have different sizes.

Finally, let's take a brief look at what the planets mean in your chart in the event they are aspected by the grand cross.
The Sun represents you, your core being. So, if the Sun is being aspected, and again it can only be in a Cardinal sign, this means events will relate to your personally. In a woman's chart the Sun can relate to the men in her life, especially the Father, or husband boyfriend.

The Moon represents your emotional life, home, and the women in your life, especially in a man's chart, where it relates to Mother, Wife or girlfriend. If the GC aspects your moon look for events and upheaval to unfold in your emotional life, home, or relating to the women in your life.

Mercury rules your mind and thinking, along with younger people, siblings, immediate family members and transportation. If the GC aspects your Mercury look for mental upheaval in some respect, issues with family members or young people and long term changes in your thinking to occur. You will experience an intense time mentally.

Venus rules love and money and if the GC is aspecting this planet look for changes to occur here. Venus also rules values, and some will have to come to terms with what their values actually are.

Mars rules men in a woman's chart and our action in all charts. If you are a woman look for changes with men, but it depends on which house Mars falls in. If Pluto is aspecting Mars this can represent a major power struggle and a dangerous period in an individual's life where they should always be aware of their surroundings. Uranus-Mars-Uranus transits are indicative rash action, accidents, convoluted actions, and sudden and unexpected events.

Jupiter rules luck, money, young people, especially men, ideas and expansion. Again, depending on the house placement look for changes in philosophies, education, money, foreigners and travel, and basic values

Saturn rules our structure that is necessary in life, our past, and things of our past. If the GC aspects Saturn in your chart, look for changes and disruptions in these areas that constitute security.

Uranus's rulership in your chart depends on its house location. Typically it represents freedom, and is known as the great awakener which is generally what happens when it is aspected. It shows us where we like to see continual change. If natal Uranus is in Libra at a critical degree the GC may bring changes in relationships.

Neptune's significance in your chart depends on its house placement but it typically relates to the subconscious energies that affect the mind. It rules psychic energy and a connection with everything around us as well as our compassion and personal beliefs, and this is where we can often fool ourselves. If the GC aspects Neptune look to the house placement, but this may signify lack of clarity, or sudden clarity about a situation, secrets, hidden factors, depression and revelations, or changes in psyche.

Pluto's significance in your chart depends on its house placement, but if the GC aspects your Pluto look for situations that tend to be obsessive, major in terms of significance, and you may encounter situations that are beyond your control, especially in terms of others. Transits to Pluto are often difficult and relate to transformation, and transformative situations that could result in some type of complete change in your life, again, depending on house placement.

As you can see the Grand Cross is complex, and may involve several areas of your life at the same time. What I have written here is only the tip of the iceberg and if you want to understand this complicated transit my advice is to contact a well versed, experienced and studied astrologer.

In ending, while April and the weeks before and after may not all be easy, in the end many of us will experience significant changes that will ultimately lead to greater growth and put us on the path of true knowing of ourselves and others around us.

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