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Rock of the Dead coming to Wii

Players can now defeat zombies using the power of rock!
Players can now defeat zombies using the power of rock!

What better way to beat zombies than with the power of rock? Epicenter, the developer of the Wii first person shooter Real Heroes: Firefighter, asks just that in their newly announced music-horror title, Rock of the Dead.

You can take out your Rock Band or Guitar Hero controllers and play music to defeat them. It’s a new use for these plastic guitars. There is one similarity- you hit the notes on a music highway, and if you’re facing a larger boss creature, you’re doing it to the game’s background music. Doing so properly allows you to take down the zombies and other creatures that await in Rock of the Dead.

The game has been likened to Sega’s Typing of the Dead, in which you defeat zombies by typing short words and phrases. For this, remove the keyboard and replace it with a guitar. Most of the music will be rock versions of classical songs, but the folks at Epicenter have licensed some Rob Zombie tracks.

The game features four difficulty modes- Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. It also features drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, allow for two guitarists to take out the zombie menace at once.

One interesting aspect of the game is the main character- Neil Patrick Harris. Yes, that Neil Patrick Harris. His love interest in the game? Felicia Day, who Penny, the love interest in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

The game’s release date and price have not been determined. Epicenter is looking at a budget release- either $30 or $40- and has about a month to go in development time.