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Rock news: The Black Keys prank call record label

Released on May 13th 2014
Released on May 13th 2014

According to Rolling Stone, The Black Keys have released a five-minute video in which they prank call the A&R departments at Nonesuch and Atlantic Records - just before the release of their next album, Turn Blue.

Stifling their laughs as they call back repeatedly, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney plead with the suits to listen to their new-age band, Quartzazium. They ask one exec to take a helicopter to Newport News at one point – before then telling another they're bringing their PA and lighting rig to the label's office.

Listen to the prank call....

Turn Blue is set to come out on May 13, a few days after they appear as the musical guests on Saturday Night Live. The pair recorded the album in Los Angeles, Michigan and Nashville with co-producer Danger Mouse. "We were sort of making a headphone record," Auerbach told Rolling Stone in April.

Drummer Patrick Carney added, "It pays off to listen more than once."