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Rock necklace

Plain rocks make surprisingly elegant necklaces.
Plain rocks make surprisingly elegant necklaces.
dba 2010

Cabin fever runs rampant this time of year. Kids, penned up in school all week, fairly bounce off the walls at home on the weekends. What better way to let them burn off some energy than to take them to one of our beautiful State Parks in search of treasures? Check the Virginia State Parks website before you go, because some Parks are closed or have limited access during the winter months; but many Parks are open and welcome winter visitors. While you're there, have the kids round up some small rocks to use in this nature-inspired project. On the way home you can swing by Studio Art and pick up the other materials you'll need.




  • small rocks (1" to 1.5" in diameter)
  • 20 gauge colored wire
  • 1mm leather cord
  • scissors
  • needle-nosed pliers

STEP 1  Cut a 15" long piece of colored wire. Place a rock at the center of your wire and begin wrapping the wire around the rock.

STEP 2  After a couple loops around, bring the two pieces of wire together at the top of the rock.

STEP 3  Using needle-nose pliers, form a small wire loop at the top of the rock; then wrap the remaining wire around the base of the loop. Trim any excess wire and use the pliers to pinch in any sharp ends.

STEP 4  Cut a piece of 1mm leather cord to the desired length and thread it through the loop. Tie the cord ends together, and - voila - a wearable keepsake from your walk in the woods.

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