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ROCK-IT 3.0: Review

Your favorite Pop Culture Examiner watched, "The Shark Tank," a couple of weeks ago, as we normally would. One of the companies vying for shark attention was OrigAudio (ROCK-IT 3.0 creators).


OrigAudio has been in existence since 2009. Founders are Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak and the name of the company comes from their travels and having certain audio-to-travel needs. Inspiration comes from Chinese take-out containers which are foldable, compactable and recyclable. Hence, the "Origami of audio," became OrigAudio. Clever, right? Yeah.

More than that, Lucash and Szymczak wanted their products to be eco-friendly. So, they are.

OrigAudio offers innovative solutions for music portability by providing an outlet for customers to become creators of style, set their own trends, and showcase their unique music personalities.

Immediately after having seen the show, we secured our own ROCK-IT 3.0 and we love it! It's very small, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and allows you to share your tunes with others.

The wild thing about the ROCK-IT 3.0 is that the tunes are transferred to the object for which you wish to use as a speaker using vibration sequences. So, your friends see that your MP3 (for example) is on. However, they will not hear anything until you place the vibration head of the ROCK-IT 3.0 onto your desired speaker object.

In fact, our OrigAudio representative says that the best speaker object so far has been an empty styrofoam cooler!

ROCK-IT 3.0 is available at a modest $19.99. However, you can get a free one, (in pink) until the tenth of February, or until the item runs out. Secure yours here before Valentine's Day and share with the audiophile of your heart.

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