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Rock Hill woman grieving for her 9-year-old lab, shot and killed by police

A Rock Hill woman is grieving the loss of her dog, shot and killed by a York County Sheriff's Office deputy March 4, The Herald Online reported.

Scarlett shot and killed by York County officer
Alice McGlone

This article goes into what happened that day, and how those who knew the dog, a 9-year-old lab named Scarlett, question the decision for the officer to kill her.

Scarlett's owner, Alice Renee McGlone of Rock Hill, describes how she had been sick and unable to answer the phone when her daughter in Virginia tried to contact her.

The York County Sheriff's Office was eventually contacted, and paid a visit to the home Tuesday afternoon. No one was home when officer's went for a welfare check. No cars were in the yard, no one answered a knock at the front door.

While checking the property, police found a broken window screen on the side of the house.

Deputy Jonathan Reed stated in a police report that Scarlett was

“charging” and “snarling with bared teeth. I saw that the leash was long enough to allow the dog to reach me before I could get away.” I instinctively drew my handgun and fired once, striking the dog in the top of the head.”

Alice describes the day she decided to allow Scarlett some time to enjoy the good weather

"She's not aggressive, she's on a chain, she's in her doghouse. It was a fairly nice day for her to be out and she's usually in with me."

Ron Montana, described how Scarlett was restrained at the time she was murdered. Ron believes the officer should have been more aware a dog may be on the property. In his description he believes Scarlett was shot at point blank range.

A neighbor across the street who sometimes cared for Scarlett was shocked at the news, and considered Scarlett a sweet dog. She and her children will miss taking care of Scarlett, and never noticed aggression or problem behavior.

A sheriff's office supervisor met with Alice at her home after the tragedy, and seemed compassionate about the death of her family member, even offering to call Animal Control to remove Scarlett from the yard.

Scarlett was buried in the yard Wednesday, wrapped in a teal blanket. Alice held Scarlett's paw and said goodbye. Ron dug the grave while Alice stayed inside, looking at pictures of her sweet baby. Her cats, Rhett Butler and Tara, are confused and searching for their friend.

Alice wishes she'd put Scarlett inside before she had left for the day, and is beating herself up emotionally. Scarlett won't be replaced, as Alice and her grandmother, who died in December, picked Scarlett out as a 6-week-old shelter puppy.

Rest in peace Scarlett. Perhaps one day police officers will learn to co-exist with dogs and these senseless killings will end.

Please read the article from Rock Hill Herald Online, and watch the YouTube video. Then leave a comment below as to how you feel.

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