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Rock Hall Anniversary: Marriage of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

It was perhaps one of the most shocking marriages in music history. It was on June of 1994 that Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley in the Dominican Republic. It followed the period where Jackson was facing accusations of child molestation, and Presley (who had first met Jackson in 1975 during one of his concerts), had been there for emotional support.

The marriage remained a secret for two months, but when it would be later revealed, the press would quickly have a field day, and it was immediately seen as a publicity stunt. Jackson and Presley would spend the next year and a half trying to defend the marriage, specifically three times on TV. The first was in September 1994 at the MTV Music Awards, where they appeared together on stage at the beginning of the show, and Jackson uttered the phrase “and they say it wouldn’t last” before kissing. The next two came in 1995, first with an interview with Diane Saywer, and then in Jackson’s video for his hit “You Are Not Alone”.

But alas, as 1995 came to a close, so did the marriage. In January 1996, Presley filed for divorce after less than two years, yet longer any many had expected. In other words, some predicted it would last a few months. In the following years, their marriage has been cited as one of the most shocking moments in music history, even appearing on a VH-1 countdown for that occasion.

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