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Rock band Kentucky Knife Fight looks for help with van issues

The members of Kentucky Knife Fight stand for the camera.
The members of Kentucky Knife Fight stand for the camera.
Joshua Black Wilkins

This year has not been very kind to Saint Louis rock band Kentucky Knife Fight. Their band van, nicknamed "The Rage Cage", was stolen right before the band was scheduled to go on tour. As reported by the Riverfront Times, it was found several days later - abandoned, completely destroyed, reduced to a broken heap in a scrap yard. Naturally, what little band equipment that had been in the van was missing as well.

But Kentucky Knife Fight isn't the kind of band to give up so easily. After all, they describe themselves on their home page as "too hungry to be tired; too restless to rest; and too stubborn to stop". The band is currently raising funds to replace the broken Rage Cage with a brand new van that they can tour in, and they are asking their fans to help in their efforts.

March 1st saw the band performing at Off Broadway as part of their fundraising plan, labeled "All Good Vans Go To Heaven". Money raised from the concert went towards the band's van funds. Those who had paid in advance to see the Off Broadway show received digital copies of two new Kentucky Knife Fight songs along with their tickets; songs have already been emailed out to fans.

The new song offer isn't exclusive to those who attend KKF's Off Broadway performance. Anyone who donates money at their site also gets the previously unreleased MP3s in their inbox. Kentucky Knife Fight has set up a donate button on their website that leads to their Paypal account. Any and all donations will be accepted until they raise enough to buy a new van.

Jason Holler, lead vocalist, recently talked to local news affiliate FOX 2 about their project, which can be watched here. The loss of the van especially hurt since Kentucky Knife Fight has been steadily enjoying a rise in popularity outside of the Saint Louis area, which means transportation out of state to non-STL gigs is necessary to grow the band's fan base. Without the van, they've had to put the breaks on such endeavors.

"The way we make money in this band is by touring," Holler explained. "Now we're out a tour vehicle." Although local fans have been pouring in donations, it's still a long road to a new Rage Cage. Unfortunately for Kentucky Knife Fight, good vans don't come cheap. It is unknown how much money the band has raised so far.

These days, not many things can be counted on to be there when you need it, even when it is a van. But it looks like Kentucky Knife Fight can count on their fans to be there for them when the band needs them most.

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