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Rock Band inspires Chicago comedy show

Over at the Gorilla Tango Theatre (1919 N. Milwaukee Ave., (773) 598-4549), comics are putting on a show based on the Rock Band video game.

"Mid-Life Maniacs," presented by Eric Cowgill, is about a group of 40-somethings who form a Rock Band "band" in the midst of their mid-life crises.

Catch the show on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm from February 19-27, 2010. Tickets are $15.

For tickets and more info, head to

A further detailed description of the show, according to the GTT press release:

"Five men. One fake band. Let there be rock and laughter! Can five men in mid-life crisis really take the world by storm with a “band” created through the popular video game, Rock Band? Whatever the outcome, don’t miss out on the stories of their attempts to hold back Father Time or as they come to call it; “Man-O-Pause.” Whether you are young or old, maybe you’re even in this predicament; you’re guaranteed to find laughter and hope in the end."


  • Lydia Torres 5 years ago

    I saw the Mid-Life Maniacs show on Saturday, Feb. 20th, with a group of friends and we loved it! It had non-stop laughs, a fantastic cast, and a subject everyone can identify with. I would highly recommend it to anyone! We're even talking about seeing it again since we haven't had so much fun at a comedy show in a very long time. Don't miss it before it's gone!

  • Lydia Torres 5 years ago

    I saw the MidLife Maniacs with a group of friends on Saturday, Feb. 20th and we loved it! It had non-stop laughs, a fantastic cast, and a subject everyone could identify with. I would highly recommend it! Don't miss it before it's gone!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    The one negative comment comes from the embittered ex-wife of the creator of the show - certainly not with an unbiased opinion. She also did not even see the show as she lives hundreds of miles away and was not allowed to be in the theater. Due to all the truly unbiased comments heard and the reactions of the audiences, this was a very funny and enjoyable show for everyone. We had a wonderful time!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I saw Midlife Maniacs and Midlife Joyride - teriffic shows and lots of fun. The audience laughed and applauded and, along with my family, truly appeared to enjoy the shows. I think anyone reading the comments here should take into account whether they are about a show and how that person felt about it, or whether the person making a comment has an agenda of revenge which is unfair to the performers and the writers of the show are so talented. Use your common sense - do the comments from an ex-wife carry a bit of weight at all? I think not. The shows were wonderful and we were thoroughly entertained. That's what the TRUTH is here.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    As a cast member of one of Eric Cowgill's shows, I was harassed and cyberbullied by his ex-wife, Anna Cowgill. So I decided to do some homework and look her up. Geezez! Adams County Illinois court records say it all. And you can Google her and see her criminal history everywhere and she has the nerve to knock someone else's reputation?!! She is one messed up old lady. We got great reactions from the audiences and positive feedback from complete strangers who hung around to tell us how much they enjoyed us. So look at the lunacy she has written in these comments and so many others that have been removed from blogs and Internet sites,and we've blocked her from our Facebook accounts and Youtube, etc., and judge us from all the positive comments we've received. So sorry, Eric. Didn't realize what you were dealing with until I looked her up. You are a great performer and writer and have moved on thankfully with your life since we've have such a great time together and you certainly seem extremely happy. HIlarious writing, and, if I may say about my fellow performers, hilarious work from you all. Hope to see you again soon and go Midlifers!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Loved Midlife Joyride and wouldn't pay attention to comments made by an ex-spouse. How many ex-spouses would praise a show? Anyone who's divorced knows the answer to that question. Anyway, my buddy and I laughed throughout the show and hope that Eric Cowgill writes another great comedy soon. We also saw Midlife Maniacs and thought it was great too. He's a talented guy and gets great performers so you can't lose. Lots of laughs and fun.