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Rock Band and Guitar Hero simulate real instruments with sheet music


Sheet Music available for Rock Band and Guitar Hero

The Rock Band and Guitar Hero video game franchises have surpassed more than a combined $3 billion in sales as music driven video games continue to explode in popularity.  Sheet Music Plus, the nation’s leading on-line provider of sheet
music, wants to help gamers channel their passion into becoming active musicians.

Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero, allow up to 4 players to simulate the performance of popular rock music songs by playing with controllers modeled after musical instruments, as well as singing through an usb connected microphone.  Players are scored based upon their ability to match scrollable music notes on screen with the instrument-controller. 
The games attempt to mimic the features of playing a real instrument, and support training, single player, career, and on-line competitive modes.  Both titles have become cultural phenomenons, impacting both the video game and modern music industries.  The Beatles:Rock Band which was recently released is compatible most existing music based controllers which are on the market.

These games, including the recent release of The Beatles:Rock Band have become popular with baby boomers who were fans of that generation.  Additionally, a new generation of gamers are being introduced to classic rock, as kids often gain as much exposure to music from video games and movies, as from any other source.  "It would be great if this gaming trend could be a gateway back to learning to play live music", said Keith Cerny, CEO of Sheet Music Plus.  "By providing sheet music for the songs which they are exposed to through these video games, there is an incentive for them to try their hand at actually performing these extremely popular tunes".  

Guitar Hero Controllers

Hal Leonard, the world’s largest music print publisher, provides Sheet Music Plus with much of the sheet music for these video games, with most of the offerings being available for the whole gamut of traditional instruments, such as drums, guitar, clarinet, flute, trumpet, horn, violin, and piano, among many others. To view these titles or to track down other songs and artists, visit   Sheet Music Plus provides the largest selection of sheet music in the US for all types of musicians, teachers, and instruments. Its catalog of more than 555,000 titles spans sheet music for all genres from classical, holiday and Broadway to rock, pop and new wave, making it the one-stop shop for the teachers of today and the artists of tomorrow.  The merger of music and video game technology is yet another arena which demonstrates the potential of video game technology as an entertaining tool for simulation and education.