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Rochester Hills author and speaker inspires, brings hope and courage to others

Lori's goal is to educate, encourage and encourage.
Lori's goal is to educate, encourage and encourage.

The first thing one notices about Lori Wagner, long time Rochester Hills resident, is her radiant, joyful smile.  Lori can't help laughing as she says, 'If God can use me, He can really use anybody.'  Author and public speaker, Lori overcame a difficult youth, early widowhood as a young mother, and the challenges of a blended family.  The founder of Affirming Faith shares what it's like to be a full time wife and mother as she writes and speaks around the country.

Lori has spoken at the National Day of Prayer conference in Colorado Springs, as well as other events across the country.  Always equipped to encourage, Lori teaches on the freedom Biblical boundaries bring, and brings a positive, passionate challenge to live a life of purity and integrity to today's young people.

"I have the best job ever. I get to write about what I love and get paid to encourage people. How cool is that? Since I established Affirming Faith in 2006, I have authored several books, written magazine and newspaper articles and speak at events of all sizes and make ups locally and around the country."
When asked what her favorite part of writing and speaking is, Lori says, "Besides loving what I do, having a passion for what I write and speak about, my favorite part of my vocation is its flexibility--that I am home with my family most of the time. That's important to me. But I also love writing, researching, learning, traveling and meeting new people."

Like many of us, Lori juggles the commitment to family with the demands of her work.  "In today's economy, cash flow is a challenge. I currently carry many different resources in a variety of genres, mainly books, that I publish and inventory. I also struggle with deciding what project I want to work on, and often have several going at one time. I have a file of new project ideas you wouldn't believe, and of course, new speaking engagements means developing new talks prayerfully tailored to each specific group/meeting."

Lori describes one of her favorite projects.  "One of my books features several local authors as well as writers from other countries. Quilting Patches of Life is a unique and interesting project that takes true life experiences, from laugh-out-loud funny to tragic accidents, shares lessons learned through the eyes of the storytellers, and then connects these lessons to the quilt-making process.

"Each chapter is titled with the name of a quilt pattern and has an inspirational message. The greatest message of all is that whatever "patch" you are in; cheery, dark or boring beige, you are not alone. God is at work, making something beautiful that has purpose and function--the quilt of your life.

"It's a great book and has been the subject of many ladies gatherings, teas, retreats and such. It's very special to me, because so many people have shared, contributing authors and readers alike, that it has brought healing into their lives. And that is such a blessing to me--that something I've created, with the help of others, could have such a positive effect on someone's life."

For more information, Affirming Faith resources, and information about scheduling Lori to speak, please visit the website at


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