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Robyn Benson: Brain dead Canadian woman dies after giving her son life
He's the miracle baby born on life support. Tiny Iver Cohen Benson was born Saturday at just 28 weeks to a brain-dead mother.

Robyn Benson was described by her husband as the “strongest woman” he had ever met. On Sunday, one day after giving birth to a fragile baby boy, he said goodbye to his wife, and greeted his day old infant son.

CNN on Wednesday shared the heartbreaking story of Canadian couple Dylan and Robyn Benson, from British Columbia, and their new son Iver.

“On Sunday, we had to unfortunately say goodbye to the strongest and most wonderful woman I have ever met,” wrote Dylan on his website.

The Benson’s nightmare began shortly after Christmas, when Robyn complained of a “terrible, terrible headache.” Dylan went out to a nearby pharmacy, and when he returned, his pregnant wife was unresponsive. Her body was still functioning, but her brain had shut down. He would never speak to her again.

Doctors later said she had suffered a severe brain hemorrhage – effectively rendering her brain-dead. According to CNN, the situation “left Dylan Benson in an unimaginable position, counting down the days until the birth of his son – and the death of his wife.”

A ventilator was set up to keep Robyn alive until their son was old enough to be delivered via C-section. On Feb. 9, Iver Benson was born. He remains in a neonatal intensive care unit in Victoria, British Columbia, and it will be weeks before Dylan can take his son home.

“He's doing well, still learning to breathe and all those things,” said Dylan. “But he's the cutest little man.”

Speaking of the outpouring of support received, Dylan said: “I feel very, very, incredibly thankful. The message of positivity has been incredible, and it's made it easier to get through these past few weeks.”

An online fund-raising campaign to support the Bensons began this month.

The Baby Iver Fund, set up through, had an initial goal of $36,000 to cover hospital bills. As of the writing of this article, the site had raised over $185,000.

Dylan said he knows his wife would be overjoyed with the tremendous support received from all.

“She would be very proud of our son,” he said. “I think she would be happy that there were so many people all over the world that want to see him healthy and happy.”

Iver’s health and growth are being closely monitored.

“I hope that it makes it so he can have the life he deserves,” Dylan said. “I want to thank everyone around the world.”

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