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Robyn and Royksopp take Pride in San Francisco to new heights

Royksopp and Robyn in San Francisco-slide0
Photo Courtesy of Simmons Tobias Photography

On Saturday night, June 27, 2014, during heart of the Pride Festival in downtown San Francisco, fellow LBGT supporter Robyn, and Royksopp, sold out the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, and put together a night of rainbow lights, silly dancing and good vibes all around. As the sun set behind the civic center, legions of festival goers piled into the auditorium. Girls dressed anywhere from fringed crop tops, to full on latex catsuits, and Guys dressed in either tank tops and shorts or standard summer wear, with the addition of neon glowing neckties of course.

Royksopp and Robyn in San Francisco
Photo courtesy of Simmons Tobias Photography

After fog pumped into the hall for what seemed like hours the lights finally went low and the duo from Norway known as Royksopp finally appeared. As bubbles fill the air, green lights shot through the fog like giant lasers, and the unmistakable beat of “The Drug” from their “Senior” album echoes through the arena. Jumping off from “The Drug”, Royksopp through out another crowd favorite by the way of “Happy Up Here”. Complete with visuals of Red and White stars playing behind them, the upbeat tempo from the “Junior” album, had the whole crowd popping up and down with joy. Rolling through a handful more records such as “This Must Be It” and “Running To The Sea”, and closing their solo set with the drumtastic-robo-voiced “Poor Leno”.

Although Royksopp had the crowd bumping and grooving, it was clear who the main draw of the night was, and as soon as the lights turn from blue and green to pink and purple everyone knows who is coming next. Robyn appeared dressed in gold lamae parachute shorts with her signature puffy jacket and, the whole arena erupted with cheer. Starting off her set with the powerful anthem “Be Mine!” Working from nearly a decade’s worth of music, Robyn bombards the crowd with a mixture of old and new including “Set Me Free” and “Stars-4-Ever”, and even had the crowd singing the chorus for “Dancing on My Own”

After Robyn finished up her solo set, the lights went low, and Royksopp along with a metal headed band once again took the stage. Followed by Robyn in a new silver and black outfit. As a pixilated eye began to blink in time with the beat behind the band, the joint set began with the bass heavy “Sayit” and Robyn proceeded to show off her best “Lamaze class” impression. After a somewhat awkward dance session, Robyn and Royksopp charged through "Every Little Thing"and right into "The Girl and The Robot". With the lights now glowing green, Torbjørn donned a robot head and proceeded to sing back and forth with Robyn, and closed the night out, with "None of Dem" from Robyn's "Body Talk Part 1" album.

Robyn and Royksopp are taking some time off and hopping back to Europe for a handful of festival dates later this month, but will be back in the states for their East Coast leg of the tour in Late August.

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