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Robots helping clones

Jeremie Fincher, Brandon Ballin, and Bryan Gonzales from left to right
Jeremie Fincher, Brandon Ballin, and Bryan Gonzales from left to right

Robots Helping Clones is not a campaign slogan for sci-fi peace…yet. For now it is a musical bridge; a beckoning from the highest mountain tops in Anchorage, Alaska. Shouting in all directions, hoping that somewhere, somehow, their call is heard.

Brandon Ballin sings and plays acoustic guitar for the group and is backed by Jeremie Fincher’s pulsating often effects-driven bass and Bryan Gonzales’s hypnotic drums. The trio has a sound of their own but you need not look far for their influences when you see them cover Radiohead’s “All I Need” or Acid Bath’s “Dead Girl.” Brandon and Jeremie have been playing together for a little over a year. In reality the band needs to be heard before any description can do them justice. They don’t easily fit into a genre.

Their first show was at The Middleway Café in early 2010. Bryan was added about 8 months ago and the band began filling out its sound with drums. The band, originally named Cogburn (After John Wayne), changed their name a few months ago. The new name refers to an original song by the band about a post-apocalyptic/pre-utopian transition within the human race.

Ballin, 34, has been writing music for about 20 years and singing for the last 14; he and Fincher, 23, are the primary song writers in the band and Ballin often rises in the morning with melodies and rhythms in his head. The band’s original songs can be described as mature and developed, but also they retain energy and avoid sounding rehashed; they are emotionally charged and deep without being whinny or self indulgent; they are original and avante-garde, yet retain pop and hard rock sensibilities.

So until that day finally comes when the Robots reach out and the Clones take their hand, we are left with their music.