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Monsieur Robot cocktail bartender

A ‘robot bartender” named Monsieur, created by a US company of the same name, uses an app to compute cocktails for customers with their preferences taken into account.

The robot, which is available in a home version as well as a commercial type can calculate how strong to make cocktails which have been selected from a list of 300 choices.

Owners are also able to order drinks remotely so that they are ready for them when they get home, while the machine also has the ability to make cocktail recommendations depending on what its user has ordered in the past.
The apparatus also operates on automation, so when cocktail ingredients run out, the machine can email or text a local liquor store to order more.

Each Monsieur comes with 12 themes each offering between 20 and 25 drink selections which can be shared over social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Monsieur machines will be available from May 2014 at an suggested retail price point of $5,000, while commercial customers will be charged a $299 rental fee per month after a $1,000 set-up charge.

No need to worry about this becoming a replacement for the surly bartender who has a line for everything, he will still be pouring your drinks while listening to your troubles and judging you - silently.

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