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"RoboCop": Is it worth seeing?

Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) is a Detroit cop brought back from the brink of death - as a cyborg supercop built for reducing crime.
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There have been times when you hear moviegoers and maybe fans of a particular property say things like “They ruined my childhood.” But when it comes to the remake of the 1980’s cult classic “RoboCop,” people are rather “pleased” with the outcome.

RoboCop, a considered “B” movie that had spawned two sequels, animated series, video games, syndicated television series and now a remake. For those who don’t even know the story about “RoboCop,” here’s the story in a nutshell. It’s about a cop in a not too distant future Alex Murphy been gunned down by ruthless criminals and left him for dead. They donated his body to scientists and revived him but made him all cyborg. For the remake, of course you would have to keep the same origin story in tact but told differently.

The original film that is rated R due to unnecessary blood and guts flying everywhere. The new remake of the movie kept the heart and the idea of “RoboCop” but focuses more about the man who’s inside the machine.

According to Tim Ryan of Wall Street Journal on February 14, 2014. He notes how people would take the remake of the film as it is but can’t beat the original. “A wicked satire disguised as a sci-fi action flick, Paul Verhoeven’s “RoboCop” was one of the most brutal and subversive mainstream films of the late 1980s. The best critics can say for the new “RoboCop” is that it’s well-acted and reasonably exciting, but it lacks the visceral grit that made the original so compelling.” Which means blood, guts, and an early “Walking Dead” gore of a man who fell into a vat of toxic waste just walking and melting away.

Darren Franich of Entertainment Weekly. For a rated PG-13 film, it was quite pleasing. “There are more individual scenes that stand out in the movie. I’m tempted to say the whole mess is worth seeing just for the moment when exploded cop Alex Murphy (played here by Joel Kinnaman) gets a look at the parts of his body that aren’t robotic.”

Some praise the film for it’s efforts, while others say the new remake film “as mechanical as its cyborg hero.” According to Ian Buckwalter of

“Gotta feel a little sorry for director José Padilha, tasked with taking over an action-classic remake that had been stuck in development for years — and that fans of the much-admired original eyed with considerable skepticism.”

The movie stars Joel Kinnaman as the title role, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman. Keaton plays the OmniCorp head Raymond Sellars who wants to market robots in the United States, while Oldman the morally compromised biomechanics visionary Dr. Dennett Norton; is not enjoying what the company is forcing him to do. It shows the battle of wills between these two characters that really drives the new film along with Murphy (Kinnaman) as a kind of robotic piece of meat being pulled in both directions by the competing needs of commerce and science.

“RoboCop” (2014) is now playing in theaters

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