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Robin Williams when cheer is replaced by fear

Robin RIP
Robin RIP
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NASHVILLE, TN. We live in a time of intense emotions, pain, confusion, guilt and even a keen sense of abandonment and fear. Adverse life events come at very unexpected times. I have covered this area of Suicidal Thoughts in previous articles filled with resources like the National Suicide Hotline 800-273-8255. There is also 911 or take the person to a hospital only if you can do this safely. This and other timely advice is in my Suicide Prevention Plan That Works treatment on February 17, 2013 an Examiner Exclusive.

As a CISM Chaplain I am seeing a shifting from "Trust" as a noun to "Trust" as a verb. America is a place where we as a people are crossing a rushing river where we can't see the other side but we know we need to get there. Look at this past weekend a shooting of a youth, a race car driver struck and killed and an actor that Marsha and myself like many others admired untimely death. The best way to reach the next stone is by taking God's hand. Deep and strong trust is what we need to keep going today.

Too soon to report right now about the actual cause of death for Robin Williams but the speculation is deep depression. Nearly 15 million adults each year are affected with major depressive disorder. Depression speeds up telltale signs that must be addressed by loved ones or well meaning friends. There is a dramatic stigma about mental illness and many people are reluctant to get the needed help. As a Chaplain many times as I listen to a person who seeks a spiritual resolution my caveat is to share in advance that I can't make a diagnosis and my referral is to see a doctor. Prayer in many instances might not be the sole remedy. God is calling us as a Nation to come out of our busyness and calm our emotions, thoughts and circumstances to take rest in Him. There is a sense of Hopelessness, Guilt and Sadness in the atmosphere. We can never underestimate the value of hope as we go through difficult times with war without and for many war within. So Chap Oscar how is this relevant to Home Improvement? My thinking is we are coming into a season to understand how to respond during a mental health crisis which is not to my knowledge is even taught to police officers or EMTs. There must be training and exposure to safe ways to help individuals who are acting out an emotional crisis. My specialized expertise is Critical Incidence Stress Management Chaplaincy and the more I learn the more I am convinced that it truly deserves to be learned by a broader audience. This is the mission of 844SaverSites which is being launched here in Tennessee we will work with local municipalities to share these insights. We will partner with local organizations and businesses who are passionate about working to create a community model based on recovery support for people with mental health challenges. Been there done that when a person is contemplating suicide this is not a pleasant emotional state whatsoever.